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Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
26.5 7-4.5 Early 2nd to middle 2nd
  • His potential will make him impossible to pass up in the first round. He's a "modern big." Can step out and shoot, but quite clearly needs to work closer to the tin. -- Matt Norlander
  • Versatile skill set. Next era of big man, meaning he can step out and shoot, can handle well, is a very good passer and excellent learner. Shot-blocking is a guarantee.
  • Built like a waif in comparison to NBA bigs. Is as allergic to playing in the paint as any NBA big man as I've ever seen. Is blind in one eye, and has been for years, which hasn't hampered hiss game -- but some might pass on him because of it.
Mock Draft
  • Round: 2    Pick: 21

    Matt Moore's Analysis:

    They need size and Austin has it. He's a project, but they have time.

  • Round: 2    Pick: 15

    Gary Parrish's Analysis:

    Austin will be able to alter and block shots at the next level, and he's still an interesting prospect. But questions about his motor and toughness are going to cost him on draft night. (Previous: 42)

  • Round: 2    Pick: 7

    Zach Harper's Analysis:

    The Raptors just need to round out their roster and grooming Austin into being a nice rotation big man seems more ideal than keeping Tyler Hansbrough. (Previous: 30)

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TOTAL 73211133874545.4481553115924066.388312.1
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TOTAL 7321115016.9911.2290.41772.4135
Game Log
November 2013
11/08vs. ColoradoW 72-60292-50-01-2134132015
11/12vs. South CarolinaW 66-64264-70-06-71230330214
11/17vs. Louisiana-LafayetteW 87-68283-90-02-2156128038
11/20vs. Charleston SouthernW 69-64335-100-16-80880270416
11/25vs. ChaminadeW 93-77214-100-00-0314103028
11/26at DaytonW 67-66224-90-12-22571210010
11/27vs. SyracuseL 67-74214-50-03-41231420211
December 2013
12/01vs. Hardin SimmonsW 104-59216-90-10-03142101312
12/06vs. KentuckyW 67-62285-101-22-33362250213
12/18vs. Northwestern StateW 91-8490-20-00-0000200000
12/22vs. SouthernW 81-56304-80-06-937100234414
12/30vs. Oral RobertsW 81-55266-150-03-64041442415
January 2014
01/03vs. Savannah StateW 80-50244-80-03-42571011311
01/07at Iowa StateL 72-87285-80-10-048121330510
01/11vs. TCUW 88-62294-100-16-63581140314
01/15at Texas TechL 72-82220-60-04-6202020004
01/18vs. OklahomaL 64-66295-112-30-02792120212
01/20at KansasL 68-78306-154-80-34150222116
01/25vs. TexasL 60-74321-80-25-6246233017
01/28vs. West VirginiaL 64-66262-61-21-2055424026
February 2014
02/01at Oklahoma StateW 76-70222-60-14-7123120008
02/04vs. KansasL 52-69292-70-22-2246243026
02/08at OklahomaL 72-88358-143-82-30660521221
02/12at TCUW 91-58304-81-35-61345140014
02/15vs. Kansas StateW 87-73417-121-23-44371490518
02/17vs. Oklahoma StateW 70-64335-121-21-457122250212
02/22at West VirginiaW 88-75358-140-13-61120170119
02/26at TexasL 69-74351-100-35-8112342017
March 2014
03/01vs. Texas TechW 59-49260-40-20-0617253220
03/04vs. Iowa StateW 74-61323-70-13-4325122149
03/08at Kansas StateW 76-74254-81-10-0325032019
03/12vs. TCUW 76-68288-120-12-31342450118
03/13at OklahomaW 78-73318-122-40-01452351318
03/14at TexasW 86-69295-130-20-02352270010
03/15at Iowa StateL 65-74374-150-52-44372311110
03/21vs. NebraskaW 74-60222-31-18-101670211113
03/23at CreightonW 85-55307-110-23-62243220017
03/27at WisconsinL 52-69315-120-22-22351420012