Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
33.5 6-10.5 16-27
  • Hunter had a bad shooting season, but that doesn't mean that he isn't still one of the best shooters in the draft. Hunter has an effortless stroke with range out to about 30 feet, and that has tremendous value in the league. He needs to work on his body so that he can defend in the NBA, as his lower body isn't great. But between his terrific feel for the game and potential to be an elite shooter, he'll have a very good chance to stick as a role player.
  • His jump shot should translate well, as he's a good shooter both in spot-up situations and on the move, with or without the ball beforehand. He's also got solid ball-handling skills, and his ability to create offense shouldn't be discounted. He's a very good mover off-ball as well, and knows how to get open. Also, his length and size should translate to the NBA wing.
  • Defensively he has a lot of issues. First and foremost, he hasn't played in a man-to-man scheme in college, as his father ran a matchup zone scheme. So instinctually, there may be an adjustment period.Also, his lower body needs to add a lot of strength. Finally, he probably will struggle to finish around the rim on offense.
Career Shooting Stats
2012-13Georgia State31103817539943.97320036.510413477.652717
2013-14Georgia State33110718140844.410025339.514216188.260418.3
2014-15Georgia State35129420351439.58026230.520223087.868819.7
TOTAL 993439559132142.325371535.444852585.3181918.4
More Stats
2012-13Georgia State3110381585.1571.8531.7260.852
2013-14Georgia State3311071514.6571.7631.9310.939
2014-15Georgia State3512941654.71263.6752.135177
TOTAL 9934394744.82402.41911.9920.9168
Game Log
November 2014
11/14vs. Tennessee TempleW 115-55287-145-95-80448312324
11/17at Iowa StateL 58-81358-204-111-20004301121
11/21at Colorado StateL 70-80397-173-92-41673305319
11/24at Chicago StateW 69-46294-82-63-40223202213
11/25vs. Western CarolinaW 85-703910-231-96-83252302027
11/26at OaklandW 83-78389-146-95-50553413329
11/29at IUPUIW 66-63398-181-710-111013203427
December 2014
12/04vs. Green BayW 72-48366-164-1310-120552412326
12/17at Old DominionL 54-58445-181-82-228104110113
12/21vs. Southern MissW 68-55313-92-75-50557111213
12/27at Green BayL 61-78387-181-84-50333311419
12/30vs. Louisiana-MonroeW 65-45375-112-76-70333012018
January 2015
01/03vs. Arkansas-Little RockW 82-69392-81-49-101233011014
01/05vs. Texas State-San MarcosL 74-77463-160-104-61452313610
01/08at UL LafayetteL 80-84408-175-96-81236320127
01/10vs. TroyW 77-72389-204-1015-172245211237
01/15vs. Texas-ArlingtonW 83-62343-130-62-3246232338
01/17at Appalachian StateL 69-74315-111-45-60440410116
01/19at Arkansas StateW 60-54405-131-512-120880202223
01/24vs. UL LafayetteW 75-64363-100-27-80777121113
01/29at Texas-ArlingtonW 88-74399-167-117-71455232232
01/31vs. Arkansas StateW 74-43312-101-56-60662225411
February 2015
02/05at Georgia SouthernL 54-58405-162-90-01783413312
02/07at South AlabamaW 65-54385-142-57-71455333219
02/14at Texas State-San MarcosW 53-41374-161-68-90441101517
02/19vs. South AlabamaW 79-51379-194-86-60228202028
02/21vs. Appalachian StateW 87-43327-133-75-50448004122
02/26at Arkansas-Little RockL 83-92356-152-77-72684212321
02/28at TroyW 75-64343-90-52-2044333118
March 2015
03/05at Louisiana-MonroeW 58-50393-112-81-3246941249
03/07vs. Georgia SouthernW 72-55398-173-916-161560312135
03/14vs. UL LafayetteW 83-793911-223-77-81452308532
03/15vs. Georgia SouthernW 38-36373-151-72-2325041229
03/19at BaylorW 57-56405-122-74-40331213216
03/21at XavierL 67-75406-153-85-51345310020