Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
31" 6-10 Late 2nd-Undrafted
  • Niang is a square peg in a circular NBA, where the ability switch defensively and guard multiple positions is so valuable. Still, his skill set stretching the floor and passing as an offensive player could provide value in the right situation.
  • There are few players out there as skilled as he is in terms of basketball IQ, passing and shooting. Niang averaged 20.5 points and 3.3 assists last season with an assist percentage near 20 and a true-shooting rate of 62.5. It's easy to see him translating to the NBA on offense as he's great at playing within a team concept.
  • The question at this stage is whether or not he can defend at a high enough level to make him a plus player overall in the NBA. Niang is a low-end athlete in terms of the NBA, and even in college he struggled to make an impact on defense.
Career Shooting Stats
2012-13Iowa State3587815730551.5389739.2701007042212.1
2013-14Iowa State34102522246847.44814732.77510472.156716.7
2014-15Iowa State34104518740646.1461154010112580.852115.3
2015-16Iowa State35116228351854.65614339.29611980.771820.5
TOTAL 138411084916975018850237.534244876.3222816.1
More Stats
2012-13Iowa State358781604.6641.8230.780.253
2013-14Iowa State3410251524.51233.6210.6210.682
2014-15Iowa State3410451845.41173.4170.5160.591
2015-16Iowa State3511622186.21173.3310.9220.692
TOTAL 13841107145.24213.1920.7670.5318
Game Log
November 2015
11/13vs. ColoradoW 68-62337-140-03-41342400117
11/16vs. Chicago StateW 106-64314-91-52-20448201111
11/23vs. ChattanoogaW 83-63277-133-52-21453200319
11/27vs. Virginia TechW 99-77314-112-34-40776431314
11/28at IllinoisW 84-733310-151-42-23581300223
December 2015
12/01vs. North Dakota StateW 84-64296-121-42-30661412115
12/07vs. BuffaloW 84-633510-165-76-6012123221231
12/10vs. IowaW 83-82386-122-52-31565222216
12/13vs. Arkansas-Pine BluffW 78-64304-101-42-20554301211
12/19vs. Northern IowaL 79-813210-171-59-101344412130
12/22at CincinnatiW 81-793510-192-62-364101311124
12/30vs. Coppin StateW 104-84256-91-12-25493112215
January 2016
01/02at OklahomaL 83-873813-181-22-32681200329
01/06vs. Texas TechW 76-69235-121-43-42462300114
01/09vs. BaylorL 89-94368-163-83-52468310022
01/12at TexasL 91-944011-162-43-41671401327
01/16at Kansas StateW 76-63366-151-42-21561412515
01/18vs. OklahomaW 82-77359-194-70-01232200222
01/23at TCUW 73-60344-120-33-31455401711
01/25vs. KansasW 85-72338-170-53-30663300319
01/30at Texas A&ML 62-72266-131-32-30662500315
February 2016
02/02vs. West VirginiaL 76-81338-163-61-20221300820
02/06at Oklahoma StateW 64-59328-161-31-23693410318
02/10at Texas TechL 82-85388-150-22-33696402218
02/13vs. TexasW 85-75349-163-33-32463201424
02/16at BaylorL 91-1004210-161-33-34484102124
02/20vs. TCUW 92-833411-152-53-50222523327
02/22at West VirginiaL 87-97345-70-04-41455512314
02/27vs. Kansas StateW 80-61277-92-21-11123401317
02/29vs. Oklahoma StateW 58-50368-160-61-337104310317
March 2016
03/05at KansasL 78-85319-181-23-40555310022
03/10at OklahomaL 76-793213-182-53-50775520531
03/17vs. IonaW 94-813711-232-54-41563212228
03/19vs. Little RockW 78-613811-183-53-30663200228
03/25at VirginiaL 71-843411-203-75-70884401530