Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
N/A 6-6.75 10-20
  • Harris will need to bulk up a little and develop an ability to create his own shot. Unlikely to ever be an All-Star, but solid enough that he should spend many years in the league. -- Matt Norlander
  • Last season was among the best players on offense and defense, combined, in college hoops. Isn't the best player on offense overall, and isn't the best defender, but few others were as good on both ends as Harris.
  • Has been injury-prone and needs to put on muscle in order to match up with NBA shooting guards. There are concerns about his lack of length as a 2 guard.
Mock Draft
  • Round: 1    Pick: 15

    Matt Moore's Analysis:

    Harris plays a little undersized but he can shoot the lights out. Atlanta needs a scorer.

  • Round: 1    Pick: 10

    Gary Parrish's Analysis:

    Ty Lawson next to Harris could make an interesting Western Conference backcourt. He's a two-way guard who played a big role in Michigan State winning the Big Ten tournament. (Previous: 9)

  • Round: 1    Pick: 10

    Zach Harper's Analysis:

    The Nuggets badly need a shooting guard who can shoot. It's a crazy concept, I know. Adding Harris next to Ty Lawson in the backcourt gives them a very formidable offensive attack that can kill you from all over. (Previous: 9)

Career Shooting Stats
2012-13Michigan State34101015032945.66515841.1749875.543912.9
2013-14Michigan State35113119545542.98123035.21151428158616.7
TOTAL 6921413457844414638837.618924078.8102514.9
More Stats
2012-13Michigan State341010862.5461.4451.360.251
2013-14Michigan State3511311404942.7631.8150.460
TOTAL 6921412263.314021081.6210.3111
Game Log
November 2013
11/08vs. McNeese StateW 98-56277-154-102-228106201420
11/12vs. KentuckyW 78-74357-141-45-60221203120
11/15vs. ColumbiaW 62-53344-110-43-31231200211
11/18vs. PortlandW 82-67315-133-92-21342001315
11/22vs. Virginia TechW 96-77256-192-125-51235000219
11/23vs. OklahomaW 87-76327-153-104-61342111121
December 2013
12/04vs. North CarolinaL 65-79315-153-94-42352300317
12/21at TexasW 92-78294-81-310-110115411219
12/28vs. New OrleansW 101-48297-174-111-15495005019
12/31at Penn StateW 79-63284-123-52-22351301313
January 2014
01/04at IndianaW 73-56378-185-105-60442205026
01/07vs. Ohio StateW 72-68425-102-31-22353113213
01/11vs. MinnesotaW 87-75355-161-88-112243402219
01/15at NorthwesternW 54-40355-130-64-52462214214
01/18at IllinoisW 78-62347-92-47-100554202223
01/21vs. IndianaW 71-66318-134-64-40221215224
01/25vs. MichiganL 75-80389-164-65-92352003127
01/28at IowaW 71-69413-90-43-4156441019
February 2014
02/01at GeorgetownL 60-64307-164-102-50111401020
02/06vs. Penn StateW 82-67325-163-91-20552112314
02/09at WisconsinL 58-60363-200-70-0167200326
02/13vs. NorthwesternW 85-70256-132-40-00113301114
02/16vs. NebraskaL 51-60395-151-77-71674101318
02/20at PurdueW 94-79327-116-95-60333413325
02/23at MichiganL 70-79397-174-133-30114101321
March 2014
03/01vs. IllinoisL 46-53357-165-100-01451314019
03/06vs. IowaW 86-76235-81-11-20222210012
03/09at Ohio StateL 67-69363-92-44-43254401212
03/14vs. NorthwesternW 67-51255-121-32-33473032013
03/15at WisconsinW 83-75263-71-25-60112301212
03/16at MichiganW 69-55307-131-50-02022013015
03/20vs. DelawareW 93-78254-92-50-00440500110
03/22vs. HarvardW 80-73385-112-66-61125303418
03/28at VirginiaW 61-59292-50-22-3112341016
03/30vs. ConnecticutL 54-60378-144-92-20222100222