Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
N/A 7-4 Late 1st-Early 2nd
  • Still a mystery. Was a top-10 player of value in college last season, but there's enough good and bad here to make you think. Ultimately, that's why he's hovering in the 18-25 range. Motley isn't such a sure thing that he's going in the lottery. But if you pass on him, you could regret it. Smooth out his offensive skillset, he could turn into a 10-and-10 guy.
  • Motley, a fringe four-star prospect coming out of high school, has turned himself into a guaranteed NBA pick. He's done so by becoming a terrific rim-runner (a phrase we're hearing more and more each year) and using his length to overwhelm undersized players. That won't happen so much at the NBA level, but Motley's due to enhance his size and strength with a full-time commitment. He'll be a plug-in role player who is basically asked to clean up the trash around the rim and make life hell on the break.
  • Can't create his own shot, isn't one to use the dribble. There's plenty Motley can't, and won't, do at the NBA level. But that's OK! Every man should have a role, and Motley doesn't need to be exhibiting protocol styles of a guard. He's a simplistic power wing.
Career Shooting Stats
TOTAL 102247747992351.912502425939665.4122912
More Stats
TOTAL 10224776526.41321.3440.41221.2205
Game Log
November 2016
11/15vs. OregonW 66-49288-150-01-11670310217
11/18vs. Florida Gulf CoastW 81-72363-70-06-71563410312
11/23vs. VCUW 71-63305-110-09-1055101510319
11/24at Michigan StateW 73-583212-221-11-14263200126
11/25vs. LouisvilleW 66-63315-90-15-70662410415
11/30vs. Sam Houston StateW 79-45262-60-24-641014332158
December 2016
12/03vs. XavierW 76-61347-141-12-41782202017
12/14vs. SouthernW 89-59259-141-21-355101310320
12/17vs. Jackson StateW 82-57261-60-23-4279420035
12/18vs. John BrownW 107-53198-111-13-55495300320
12/21vs. Texas SouthernW 89-63326-140-15-965111220117
12/30at OklahomaW 76-50229-151-20-2310131330219
January 2017
01/04vs. Iowa StateW 65-63376-90-01-239121211413
01/07vs. Oklahoma StateW 61-57314-61-24-628103330213
01/10at West VirginiaL 68-89263-100-02-4325233038
01/14at Kansas StateW 77-68193-80-11-2459350147
01/17vs. TexasW 74-643212-190-28-11713202431132
01/21at TCUW 62-53346-160-03-44482401215
01/25vs. Texas TechW 65-61335-120-015-165491320525
01/28at Ole MissW 78-75285-90-16-93691300116
February 2017
02/01at KansasL 68-73357-111-11-255103100316
02/04vs. Kansas StateL 54-56326-170-15-677142400117
02/08at Oklahoma StateW 72-69359-120-06-838112210324
02/11vs. TCUW 70-523112-150-11-12572110225
02/13at Texas TechL 78-84304-100-03-61454300411
02/18vs. KansasL 65-67378-210-23-33694310619
02/21vs. OklahomaW 60-54347-121-36-8610165221621
02/25at Iowa StateL 69-723512-190-13-565114400427
02/27vs. West VirginiaW 71-62356-120-111-113582330223
March 2017
03/04at TexasW 75-64296-170-15-789172400417
03/09vs. Kansas StateL 64-70346-120-11-53473501213
03/17vs. New Mexico StateW 91-73297-141-20-019103221315
03/19vs. Southern CaliforniaW 82-78279-120-01-264101521519
03/24vs. South CarolinaL 50-70328-170-02-64591211318