Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
40.5 6-9.75 Late 1st-Early 2nd
  • A fantastically fun prospect who could go pro in basketball or football. Ojeleye could have toiled and left Duke only to finish his college career in obscurity. Instead, he became the best player in the American Athletic Conference last season. His physical tools will prevent him from being overwhelmed in NBA Summer League, then in minicamp. No idea what kind of NBA career awaits him, but eager to see how his game changes.
  • His strength is his strength. Ojeleye is a physical specimen who has not let that fact get in the way of him developing a true multi-faceted game at the college level. He has among the lowest body-fat reading of any player in this draft, but he's also agile and of course a force around the rim. He's also capable of using the dribble and making his own shot, which few other power forward in this draft, near his size, can claim.
  • He can only really play the 4, and he's 6-7. Will that affect his potential? Perhaps, as it certainly has dropped his projected draft status. "Power tweener" is not a position you want to find yourself in in the modern NBA. Combo this with his just-OK leaping ability, and he's going to have to fill a specific role.
Career Shooting Stats
TOTAL 58133822246347.98119541.518623778.571112.3
More Stats
TOTAL 5813382694.6561220.4180.355
Game Log
November 2016
11/11vs. Gardner-WebbW 72-44358-153-67-868141410726
11/13vs. Eastern MichiganW 91-64305-81-27-92681201118
11/17vs. PittsburghW 76-67379-172-54-62351320124
11/18at MichiganL 54-76325-162-51-23691200113
11/22vs. Santa BarbaraW 84-57298-113-53-50441311222
11/25at Southern CaliforniaL 73-78305-112-31-328103200313
11/30at Boise StateL 62-71335-110-15-63250200215
December 2016
12/02vs. Cal State BakersfieldW 49-43312-51-34-6178031019
12/04vs. Delaware StateW 74-60245-91-44-53361300215
12/07vs. TCUW 74-59397-202-77-83473220123
12/14vs. McNeese StateW 92-56254-114-74-43361200216
12/19vs. StanfordW 72-49264-92-63-42571400213
12/20vs. AlbanyW 71-53379-154-66-93252100028
12/27at MemphisW 58-54396-93-32-656110220117
12/31at East CarolinaW 75-44352-100-48-85493001312
January 2017
01/04vs. TempleW 79-65386-111-46-82792110019
01/07vs. South FloridaW 84-65327-132-45-66283001221
01/12at CincinnatiL 64-66344-112-72-21230000112
01/15at TulaneW 80-64358-153-62-20221400221
01/19vs. ConnecticutW 69-49346-102-43-41562200017
01/21vs. HoustonW 85-64376-123-75-63364113220
01/25at UCFW 65-60397-152-70-13252002216
February 2017
02/01vs. East CarolinaW 86-46296-141-56-70111100019
02/04at TulsaW 76-53375-122-64-61561102216
02/09at TempleW 66-50388-164-810-1128102111130
02/12vs. CincinnatiW 60-51395-113-55-72243010018
02/15vs. TulaneW 80-75404-173-87-83252100018
02/18at HoustonW 76-66407-131-47-102790200022
02/25at ConnecticutW 69-61304-121-47-91452201016
March 2017
03/02vs. TulsaW 93-70319-93-35-70440111126
03/04vs. MemphisW 103-62285-63-46-72463300119
03/10vs. East CarolinaW 81-773812-191-511-13210121100136
03/11vs. UCFW 70-59384-92-57-81562200317
03/12vs. CincinnatiW 71-56375-92-32-22793100114
03/17vs. Southern CaliforniaL 65-66398-202-66-637100301224