Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
30.5 6-10 Mid 2nd-Late 2nd
  • Maybe the best two-way player in college basketball last season. Thornwell would not be in the top 50 of this or any list had South Carolina not made a Final Four run. Now, is that fair? Probably not. But he did earn SEC Player of the Year, and rightfully so. Thornwell is a senior who deserves to be drafted and has the mentality and physicality to last in the NBA for the next five years. The team that drafts him will not be sorry it did so.
  • A strong shooter at 6-5, Thornwell is immensely underrated as a do-it-all scorer. Perhaps this is because South Carolina isn't a traditionally good program, and is not on national TV all that often. But Thornwell must be drafted because of this and this alone: He was South Carolina's best player on defense, tasked with defending the other team's best player on most nights, and still managed to lead the SEC in scoring while shooting 47.2 percent from 2-point range and 39.2 percent from 3-point range.
  • Doesn't get great lift on his shot, sometimes gets wonky with his decisions around the rim, but that's about it. Not a super-flashy player, but productive as hell. Thornwell is rated higher here than almost anywhere else you'll find.
Career Shooting Stats
2013-14South Carolina34100714337038.6371003713117873.645413.4
2014-15South Carolina331011114335343814226.810114171.636711.1
2015-16South Carolina34112514437738.24613833.312316176.445713.4
2016-17South Carolina31106419543944.45814839.22152598366321.4
TOTAL 1324207596152139.217952833.957073977.1194114.7
More Stats
2013-14South Carolina3410071394.11013401.2210.6106
2014-15South Carolina3310111614.9732.2431.3110.371
2015-16South Carolina3411251634.81303.8501.5160.577
2016-17South Carolina3110642217.1862.8662.130176
TOTAL 13242076845.239031991.5780.6330
Game Log
November 2016
11/11vs. Louisiana TechW 85-76327-162-42-21676411618
11/13vs. Holy CrossW 81-49275-94-66-62350120020
11/15vs. MonmouthW 70-69416-182-59-113695232323
11/18vs. South Carolina StateW 92-50258-152-64-42351201222
11/23vs. MichiganW 61-46328-122-43-519103131421
11/26vs. SyracuseW 64-50313-61-29-102465303316
December 2016
12/01vs. VermontW 68-50294-101-22-23259103111
January 2017
01/04at GeorgiaW 67-61358-171-32-438111336119
01/07vs. Texas A&MW 79-68356-161-63-45272005116
01/11at TennesseeW 70-60326-121-29-102354314422
01/14vs. Ole MissW 67-56323-100-24-64483202310
01/18vs. FloridaW 57-53325-111-29-132351302120
01/21at KentuckyL 69-85379-232-614-153361211334
01/24vs. AuburnW 98-69276-125-75-51785322422
01/28at MissouriW 63-53304-151-77-729112212216
February 2017
02/01at LSUW 88-63317-111-21-11230112416
02/04vs. GeorgiaW 77-75376-174-72-43472303118
02/07vs. AlabamaL 86-90569-251-725-331011212402644
02/11at Mississippi StateW 77-73389-153-57-81344011128
02/15vs. ArkansasL 76-833510-192-45-54043021127
02/18at VanderbiltL 62-71336-150-19-92461403121
02/21at FloridaL 66-81336-120-111-1137102403023
02/25vs. TennesseeW 82-55345-111-44-40662301215
02/28vs. Mississippi StateW 63-57375-111-411-122463312322
March 2017
03/04at Ole MissL 70-75385-174-1111-161676212425
03/10vs. AlabamaL 53-64375-122-64-71341412116
03/17vs. MarquetteW 93-733510-193-66-774112223129
03/19at DukeW 88-81366-143-69-122465101324
03/24at BaylorW 70-50346-144-108-103362222424
03/26at FloridaW 77-70368-131-49-101671402426
April 2017
04/01at GonzagaL 73-77374-122-65-60552221215