Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
40.5 6-10 Mid 1st-Late 1st
  • With a chiseled physique and a mentality of playing as tough on defense as on offense, Mitchell was an ideal Pitino player at Louisville. He's also an incredibly hard worker. Don't be surprised if Mitchell is taken in the lottery.
  • An absurd athlete with incredible measurements, as evidenced by his showing at the NBA combine. His wingspan is 8.75 inches longer than his height (which at just shy of 6-2 is subpar for an NBA shooting guard). He is speedy and an incredible leaper, and was Rick Pitino's most trusted player last season at Louisville. With improved 3-point shooting his sophomore year (35.4 percent), Mitchell can now score from anywhere he wants.
  • A propensity for hero-ball at times can be maddening. And you wonder how his limited size will affect him in the league.
Career Shooting Stats
TOTAL 65168926563441.89829832.913016578.875811.7
More Stats
TOTAL 6516892694.11452.2951.5200.386
Game Log
November 2016
11/11vs. EvansvilleW 78-47266-112-61-22353004315
11/14vs. William & MaryW 91-58294-101-50-0145334129
11/17vs. Long Beach StateW 88-56273-102-50-0246101228
11/23at Old DominionW 68-62404-163-64-53472307215
11/24vs. Wichita StateW 62-52355-132-82-31785103114
11/25at BaylorL 63-66366-112-53-42684301417
11/30vs. PurdueW 71-64223-90-32-2145141128
December 2016
12/03at Grand CanyonW 79-70264-91-30-0134101119
12/07vs. Southern IllinoisW 74-51262-81-52-4033301217
12/10vs. Texas SouthernW 102-71274-142-92-23253204012
12/17vs. Eastern KentuckyW 87-56194-92-75-51670301215
12/21vs. KentuckyW 73-70283-122-55-70441300413
12/28vs. VirginiaL 53-61363-111-60-0022040117
12/31at IndianaW 77-62338-154-85-61233201125
January 2017
01/04at Notre DameL 70-77397-202-104-40445005120
01/07at Georgia TechW 65-50366-155-73-50334131120
01/11vs. PittsburghW 85-80324-132-75-62683403215
01/14vs. DukeW 78-69366-123-50-10553401115
01/19vs. ClemsonW 92-60318-152-70-00444303218
01/21at Florida StateL 68-73202-100-32-2123041026
01/24at PittsburghW 106-51259-136-85-61123101329
01/29vs. NC StateW 85-60379-176-104-42685302228
February 2017
02/04at Boston CollegeW 90-67327-102-43-30333404119
02/06at VirginiaL 55-71386-170-54-41343104216
02/11vs. Miami (Fla.)W 71-66386-173-93-51124411118
02/13at SyracuseW 76-72366-132-72-32243503316
02/18vs. Virginia TechW 94-90388-135-75-61452301026
02/22at North CarolinaL 63-74388-153-92-20443211321
02/26vs. SyracuseW 88-68349-166-101-22354402225
March 2017
03/01at Wake ForestL 81-88302-91-82-2044350317
03/04vs. Notre DameW 71-64405-153-87-81450202120
03/09vs. DukeL 77-81323-141-71-2033141018
03/17vs. Jacksonville StateW 78-63393-150-63-34610531319
03/19vs. MichiganL 69-73378-173-80-01675311019