Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
33.5 6-5.5 Late 1st-Early 2nd
  • Might become the best pick-and-roll point guard in this draft, and we don't say that lightly. This is a loaded point guard draft, and Evans is right there with Monte Morris of Iowa State among all point guards who is most ready to play NBA minutes right now in terms of understanding floor space and utilizing his teammates. It would be a shock if he doesn't last 10 years in the NBA.
  • Power point guard with great vision, awesome ability in pick-and-roll and everlasting confidence to straight-line drive.
  • He's not consistent at finishing at the rim, and his shot selection can at times be be maddening. He gets his teammates involved a lot, though, and that makes up for his average turnover rate and shooting decisions.
Career Shooting Stats
2015-16Oklahoma State226359720647.1194047.5708483.328312.9
2016-17Oklahoma State3293421148243.8369537.915519181.261319.2
TOTAL 54156930868844.85513540.722527581.889616.6
More Stats
2015-16Oklahoma State22635964.41084.9251.140.256
2016-17Oklahoma State329341103.42046.4571.840.190
TOTAL 5415692063.83125.8821.580.1146
Game Log
November 2016
11/11vs. CampbellW 102-652711-182-210-112463205234
11/14vs. Central ArkansasW 102-90308-110-07-101458313323
11/16vs. New OrleansW 117-72195-91-22-20118101113
11/21at ConnecticutW 98-903110-263-512-171346405135
11/22at North CarolinaL 75-1072713-252-52-41121101330
11/23vs. GeorgetownW 97-70285-151-22-20006002113
11/30vs. Rogers StateW 101-85277-161-210-111344305325
December 2016
12/03at MarylandL 70-71337-170-12-32355202216
12/14vs. Arkansas-Pine BluffW 102-66222-51-10-0011211045
12/17at Wichita StateW 93-76249-163-51-23254213422
12/22vs. Texas A&M-Corpus ChristiW 92-70171-60-04-4011440136
12/30vs. West VirginiaL 75-92323-90-29-1411211300515
January 2017
01/04at TexasL 79-82295-102-37-70334501519
01/07at BaylorL 57-61242-121-33-5213540138
01/11vs. Iowa StateL 86-96264-140-34-40117301312
01/14at KansasL 80-87346-220-23-30116412415
01/18vs. Kansas StateL 88-96267-171-45-50007403320
01/21at Texas TechW 83-64172-50-13-4022340227
01/23vs. TCUW 89-763511-172-43-30228101127
01/28vs. ArkansasW 99-71294-81-27-82578101116
01/30at OklahomaW 68-66355-203-711-161454003524
February 2017
02/04at West VirginiaW 82-75336-70-06-71345302418
02/08vs. BaylorL 69-72307-170-42-21456202316
02/11vs. TexasW 84-71336-150-00-11676200212
02/15at TCUW 71-68358-170-30-004412101316
02/18vs. OklahomaW 96-923311-232-73-63149004127
02/22at Kansas StateW 80-68274-162-511-120449201221
02/25vs. Texas TechW 80-63295-90-25-50336202415
02/28at Iowa StateL 83-86348-154-69-90446100429
March 2017
03/04vs. KansasL 85-90367-181-67-704415401322
03/09at Iowa StateL 83-923612-212-33-41344201129
03/17at MichiganL 91-923610-261-32-307712300423