Key Stats
Vital Stats
Vertical Wingspan Draft Range
36.0 6-5.25 Late 1st-Early 2nd
  • Dorsey is a killer. His play was the single biggest reason Oregon made the Final Four. His shooting form and confidence from 3-point range is ready for the NBA right now. He's undersized as a shooting guard, but only a little bit. Fortunately for him, if the NBA proves to not work out for one reason or another, he's going to make millions in Europe for a decade-plus. I'm convinced that if he was a European player he'd be a lock of a top-25 pick.
  • Pure shooter/scorer. Has deep range, a great stroke, is a true shooting guard and knows how to use screens very well.
  • You'll notice a running theme: A lot of players have issues playing defense at a high level. Dorsey certainly qualifies. He is a one-dimensional player in this regard, but it might not prevent him from sticking in the league.
Career Shooting Stats
TOTAL 75225234275245.515537341.621629573.2105514.1
More Stats
TOTAL 7522522903.91381.8590.8110.1128
Game Log
November 2016
11/11vs. Army West PointW 91-77327-114-63-31122000121
11/15at BaylorL 49-66334-141-40-0112110009
11/17vs. ValparaisoW 76-54272-91-43-5033300108
11/21vs. GeorgetownL 61-65261-70-20-0044030152
11/22vs. TennesseeW 69-65343-70-31-2044140147
11/23at ConnecticutW 79-69357-113-62-21451000119
11/28vs. Boise StateW 68-63326-123-72-43140310117
11/30vs. Western OregonW 93-54194-82-52-23140000012
December 2016
12/03vs. Savannah StateW 128-592012-165-80-12461000029
12/11vs. AlabamaW 65-56356-125-82-20331201219
12/13vs. MontanaW 81-67312-91-61-3257320026
12/17vs. UNLVW 83-63298-132-60-00222000118
12/20vs. Fresno StateW 75-63303-90-33-6011230019
12/28vs. UCLAW 89-87283-91-54-61012200111
12/30vs. Southern CaliforniaW 84-61273-80-10-0224100116
January 2017
01/04at WashingtonW 83-61359-158-122-20443102128
01/07at Washington StateW 85-66240-40-20-0022100010
01/14vs. Oregon StateW 85-43180-50-47-10145510207
01/19vs. CaliforniaW 86-63324-101-47-91346000216
01/21vs. StanfordW 69-52254-83-60-01122220511
01/26at UtahW 73-67281-60-22-2336210004
01/28at ColoradoL 65-74334-121-70-0224110129
February 2017
02/02vs. Arizona StateW 71-70342-81-56-60114200111
02/04vs. ArizonaW 85-58287-96-63-30334001023
02/09at UCLAL 79-82327-172-73-31010202119
02/11at Southern CaliforniaW 81-70296-134-83-41452302419
02/16vs. UtahW 79-61266-112-52-20332301116
02/18vs. ColoradoW 101-73242-81-53-4134100028
02/22at CaliforniaW 68-65341-80-33-4134010225
02/25at StanfordW 75-73344-82-45-60222101115
March 2017
03/04at Oregon StateW 80-59200-40-21-2011031111
03/09vs. Arizona StateW 80-57328-141-54-62794200121
03/10vs. CaliforniaW 73-65329-135-60-00000001023
03/11vs. ArizonaL 80-83347-153-86-70112303223
03/17vs. IonaW 93-77349-132-44-61450200424
03/19vs. Rhode IslandW 75-72359-104-55-91453203427
03/23vs. MichiganW 69-68357-155-71-20332002020
03/25at KansasW 74-60359-136-103-40551301327
April 2017
04/01at North CarolinaL 76-77383-113-712-121340400121