Draft Prospect Outlook


  • Quick, nimble feet with the ability to defend from the post to the perimeter
  • Good scoring and finishing ability, particularly around the rim; advanced post moves with a knack for carving out just enough space to thrive, even against bigger defenders
  • Has good touch as a passer and soft hands, allowing him to succeed in tight spaces and excel in pick-and-roll situations
  • Incredible shot-blocker with good timing; knows how to leverage his body to affect shots


  • 3-point shooting is not in his arsenal, though free throw percentages and shooting touch could portend well for that area of his game to develop
  • Fouled out thrice in 28 games as a freshman; sometimes over-eager to use his shot-blocking ability, leading to too many fouls, biting on up-fakes and being undisciplined
  • Slightly undersized for a modern-day big at 6-foot-9 especially given he will likely be a true post and pigeon-holed into one position in the NBA, though his reported 7-foot-1 wingspan helps. Adding weight to his frame and physically maturing (and his long, wiry arms) will help him overcome that physical disadvantage