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3 Panthers offseason directives

Pittsburgh Panthers team logo   April 04, 2012 10:18 a.m. - by Chuck Finder
No.1 -- Rediscover defense. The fact that coach Jamie Dixon had to use much zone spoke volumes. A Pittsburgh team that couldn't shut down foes in a man-to-man defense hasn't been seen for a decade. To a man, players need to play together better. No. 2 --Individual improvement. Ben Howland and Jamie Dixon built their program on individual weightlifting, athletic and basketball progress. Whether it was injuries or something else, few Panthers showed significant strides before March. PG Tray Woodall flashed the most improvement, but that vanished for all but four games between December's start and February's end. No. 3 -- Sweat the details. Diving for balls, rebounding with abandon, limiting turnovers to 10 or fewer, exhibiting patience on defense and offense, these were all staples noticeably absent in 2010-11. The Panthers played with effort, but not with the grit and productivity to which they were accustomed.
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