Option Reads: A pretty boring offseason so far, huh?

Option Reads: A pretty boring offseason so far, huh?

By Tom Fornelli | Staff Writer
And you thought Manti Te'o's week couldn't get any worse (US Presswire)

Remember the good old days when the college football offseason consisted of nothing except news about players getting arrested and conference realignment? Oh for those simpler times of yore.

The college football offseason is not even ten days old, but I hope it reached its peak of insanity on Wednesday. The day began with Chip Kelly leaving Oregon to take a job in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles, and we hardly had time to digest that before the Manti Te'o stuff broke. And I honestly can't think of any other word to call it other than stuff, because it all reads like some kind of terribly written Lifetime movie of the week.

It's a story that won't be going away any time soon, and one we'll probably learn more about than we ever wanted to know in the coming days. However, it wasn't the only thing that happened on Wednesday. So let's take a look at some other stories that, unlike Lennay Kekua, are most definitely real. I think. Probably. Hopefully?

Daily Progressions

-- While the entire world is assuming that Mark Helfrich is going to replace Chip Kelly at Oregon, athletic director Rob Mullens says the school doesn't have "a leader in the clubhouse" and that there will be multiple interviews. I'm sure this has nothing to do with school policies and an Oregon state law that requires him to interview at least one minority candidate.

-- Speaking of Chip Kelly, it's possible Oregon won't be the only school affected by his decision to leave. Chip wants Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham to come with him.

-- There was some good old fashioned conference realignment news on Wednesday as San Diego State announced it was ditching plans to join the Big East to remain in the Mountain West. Which means the Mountain West now has 12 teams, and that means one thing: conference championship game.

-- Oh, and remember how the Big 12 was saying it was totally cool sticking with 10 teams? Well it seems conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby has changed his tune a bit.

-- Georgia Tech has itself a new athletic director.

-- What's your day without an update on Katherine Webb? Guess who landed herself a gig at the Super Bowl.

-- Oh, and you know that apology Brent Musberger and ESPN issued about the whole Webb situation? Well, something tells me that Brent wasn't actually sorry, and that something is Musberger himself.

-- As for the team that actually won a national championship the night Katherine Webb became a star, here are some details about their championship parade. Maybe Katherine Webb will be there!

-- Good luck, Ace Sanders. Your punt returns will be severly missed.

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