PHOTO: Utah store wants you to know which jersey you're buying

PHOTO: Utah store wants you to know which jersey you're buying

By Tom Fornelli | Staff Writer

Last week it was announced that schools like Texas A&M, Northwestern and Arizona were going to begin selling "generic" football uniforms with numbers that don't belong to current players, or represent something else. On Monday morning it was announced that the NCAA had reached a $20 million with former players over their likenesses being used in video games by EA Sports. A settlement which followed a $40 million settlement between EA Sports and those same plaintiffs.

Well, judging by this sign at Utah Red Zone, it's safe to say some people at the University of Utah haven't been paying close attention to things like this lately.

That's a sign that let's you know which player the anonymous Utah jersey you're buying is for. Which, last I checked, is against NCAA rules. Oh, sure, when you buy that No. 2 Texas A&M jersey, you know exactly whose jersey you're buying, but it's a "wink, wink" type of deal.

You can't be this obvious about it because honesty isn't the best policy when it comes to anything involving the NCAA.

I have to assume that when the Utah athletic department finds out that "the official store for the University of Utah" has this sign up, it'll be taken down quickly. Then everybody can just go back to pretending like they're supposed to.

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