On most teams, Dallas Goedert would be the No. 1 tight end and likely a standout Fantasy option in all leagues. But not with the Eagles. Goedert is, unfortunately, behind Zach Ertz, although both have the ability to play well. Goedert was the No. 10 PPR tight last year, while Ertz was No. 4. It was a solid sophomore season for Goedert, who should continue to improve this year. His ceiling is capped as long as Ertz is healthy, and part of the reason Goedert saw more production was Philadelphia's receiving corps was decimated by injuries. The receiving corps should be better, and we'll see how that impacts Goedert. He's not worth drafting as a No. 1 Fantasy option, but he should be drafted in all leagues as a high-end No. 2 tight end with the ability to start at some point during the year.