After averaging 31.5 Fantasy points per game in 2019, there really isn't much else to say about Jackson being the most wanted quarterback in drafts. But will he really throw a touchdown every 11.1 pass attempts again, or average 6.9 yards per run again? No doubt, Jackson is too athletic and the Ravens offense too savvy for Jackson to completely fall off, but it feels a little short-sighted to expect a repeat performance. Defenses will be better prepared for him, just as defenses have adjusted to breakout quarterbacks in the past. Additionally, you should know that no one has repeated as the No. 1 Fantasy quarterback in consecutive seasons since the mid-2000s. Savvier Fantasy managers would wait until mid-Round 2 at the absolute earliest to take Jackson, which basically means they won't get him since he'll likely carry a consensus first-round draft average. Our analysts prefer Patrick Mahomes over Jackson anyway. Let other people take him too soon and miss out on elite-caliber players at other positions. Obviously the conversation changes if you can start multiple quarterbacks in your league - Jackson is worthy of a pick as soon as fifth overall in that case.