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Keeping up with all the terrific Amazon Prime Day 2023 fitness deals can feel like a workout in and of itself. We've had a blast sourcing all the best Prime Day fitness deals on Bowflex, Schwiin, Nordic Track and more.

A standout deal, one we would be remiss if we did not share, is the mega-discount Amazon is offering on Peloton bikes. Both the original bike (now with updated seat post) and Peloton Bike + with rotating screen (swoon), are majorly marked down during Amazon's Prime Day sales event. 

Peloton not only offers one of the best at-home bikes on the market, but rides with all your favorite Peloton trainers including Jess King and Ally Love as well as HIIT and Hills classes with Alex Toussant.

Enough fanning-out over Peloton. It's time get on the bike. But first, you're going to need to choose one.

Shop Prime Day discounts on Peloton bikes

Peloton offers two at-home bikes. Both feature extensive resistance options, interactive touch screens, adjustable handlebars and seats and free weight storage behind the seat for easy access during Tunde's Arms and Intervals classes (always a banger). Both offer two easy-access water bottle holders so you stay hydrated even if you're powering through Matt Wilpers' Extreme Power Zone classes.

Both bikes are discounted for Prime Day.

Peloton Original Bike


Top features of the Peloton Original bike:

  • 22" tilt touch screen, which tilts to accommodate different heights.
  • Resistance controlled with a manual knob 
  • Resistance levels and speed viewable on the touch screen along with suggested metrics from the teacher (when doing Peloton classes)
  • 2-channel rear-facing stereo speakers with 16-watts of total power
  • Access to live leaderboard and 50+ instructors from which to choose,
  • Delivery and setup 

You may have heard about a recall related to the original Peloton bike. In the spring of 2023, Peloton executed a voluntary recall to alter the seat post to make it more sturdy. They sent replacement seat posts to any eligible customers who requested them, then updated the bike's seat post so all current models feature the new setup.  

The bike is currently $300 off at Amazon.

Original Peloton bike with 22" tilt screen, $1,145 (reduced from $1,445)

$1,145 at Amazon

Peloton Bike +


What's the difference between the original Peloton bike and Peloton Bike +? Like Peloton's original bike, the Peloton Bike + offers manual resistance. However, this bike also offers auto-resistance, which automatically changes to meet your instructor's cues. The 2.2 speakers are front-facing here with 26 watts of total power, coupled with two rear-facing woofers. 

The biggest perk to this leveled-up bike is the touchscreen, which is larger and swivels 360 degrees. That screen becomes important for those utilizing all the weight, yoga, Pilates, stretching and bootcamp classes offered on the Peloton app, which you can access through the bike's touchscreen. Your bike quickly becomes a personal trainer (Ardrian Williams why so many deadlifts?) with one quick spin of the screen. 

Top features of Peloton Bike +: 

  • 24" rotating touchscreen
  • Manual control know with option for auto-resistance
  • 2.2 channel front-facing speakers
  • 2 rear-facing woofers.
  • All the features of the original Peloton bike.

This bike is also $300 off now.

Peloton Bike + with 24" rotating touchscreen, $2,145 (reduced from $2,445)

$2,145 at Amazon

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Peloton Ergonomically Designed Dumbbells


Peloton's ergonomically-designed free weights are also on sale thanks to Prime Day pricing.

Top features of Peloton free weights:

  • Durable, crack and chip resistant construction
  • No-slip handles
  • Premium Urethane finish helps reduce noise and vibration
  • Available in 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs, 20 lbs, 25 lbs, or 30 lbs weights.
  • Set includes two weights

Peloton free weights, starting at $39

$39 and up

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