If you don't have $20,000 to drop on the new 85" version of The Terrace that just came out, you can still get your hands on one of the slightly smaller but equally impressive versions -- especially if you shop now during the Discover Samsung fall sale, where you'll also find deals on The Frame and other top-rated Samsung TVs.

For the next week, Samsung's slashed the price on most sizes of the Terrace Partial Sun and the Terrace Full Sun by as much as 35%. Read on to learn more about why our readers love this television, or tap the links below to head directly to the deals.

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This impressive TV is rugged enough to tolerate extreme heat or cold, splash-resistant, and come packed with features that allow you to see every detail even when the screen is in direct sunlight. (It's one of our picks for the best outdoor TV for watching sports.) So fire up your grill, throw some beer in the fridge, and invite your friends to watch the game on your new Samsung Terrace.

Save up to $4,000 on Samsung's The Terrace


Samsung's Terrace series gives sports fans the crystal clear picture of a QLED 4K TV in a durable dust and water-resistant frame that can handle living out on your patio or deck. 

The anti-glare screen ensures you'll be able to see the screen no matter where you're sitting. Now you can bring everyone over to grill and watch the game without missing a single second of the action each time you have to check on the burgers or flip those steaks.

The partial sun version, meant for covered patios or other shaded areas is on sale for as low as $3,000 (reduced from $3,500) during the Discover Samsung Fall Event. The full sun version has an anti-glare screen so powerful you'll still be able to see the action even when the TV is in direct sunlight. Normally priced at $10,000 and up, you can get the full sun version starting at just $6,500.

Top features of The Terrace:

  • 4K AI upscaling technology automatically restores lost detail, reduces image noise and enhances definition for a 4K viewing experience, even if your source content is not 4K.
  • The adaptive display automatically optimizes the brightness of the screen based on the surrounding lighting conditions.
  • The dust and water-resistant TV is built for the outdoors.
  • QLED 4K technology offers crisp definition, vivid colors and a bright picture, even in daylight.
  • An anti-glare screen lets every viewer see a clear picture no matter where they're sitting.
$3,000 and up at Samsung

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