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If you've noticed that everyone seems to be talking about the "magic" of gut powders to fight bloating, you're not imagining things.  According to a survey of over 71,000 participants, 61% reported having gastrointestinal issues within the past week. With two-thirds of the population dealing with stomach issues, the conversation is bound to come up. Studies show that probiotics, a key ingredient in gut powders, can help with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Around here, the only magic we believe in is in a Harry Potter book, or an NFL game when Mahomes throws one of his magical no-look passes. When it comes to our health, we're all about facts and science.

With all the talk about gut health, especially on TikTok, we wanted to dig in and separate fact from fiction. If you've been curious if gut powders really do help with digestive health, even reducing bloating, we've got the skinny on gut powders so you can stay focused on all that magical football ahead of us this NFL season.

Note: Gut powders are not regulated by the FDA. Check with your doctor before adding any supplements or powders to your daily routine.

Best capsule: Ritual Synbiotic +


If you spend much time on Instagram (no shame in your social media game), you may have seen Ritual, a female-founded vitamin and supplement company that specializes in easy-to-digest vitamins and supplements, featuring cleaning ingredients. Sold by subscription, Ritual allows customers to customize their subscription, pausing delivery if you're not quite through a previous order.

Ritual delivers on its promise of digestable supplements that can be taken with our without food (a bonus for those of us who remember to take our vitamins long after we've eaten) that won't wreak havoc on your stomach.  The fact that Ritual is now available on Amazon had this writer's interest piqued on the brand's gut health supplement after using its daily supplement for years. 

Where Ritual's gut health supplement shines is that it's a 3-in-1 supplement, featuring prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics.  The probiotic blend delivers 11 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) from "two of the world's most clinically studied strains." The combination targets bad bacteria in the gut while claiming to boost the immune system.

Ritual Synbiotic + is available at Ritual or at Amazon for $54 for a one month supply.

Why we like Ritual Synbiotic +

  • This gut supplement doesn't need to be refrigerated.
  • This product is gluten and major allergen free.
  • Ritual is third party tested.
  • A Ritual subscription can be cancelled anytime and can be paused easily.
  • Whether buying through Amazon or Ritual, changing your subscription is easy.
  • This supplement is enhanced with mint, which tastes great.
$54 at Ritual $54 at Amazon

Best powder: Gut Love by Teami


Gut Love by Teami is a sugar-free, gluten-free gut powder featuring no artificial coloring or fillers. Offered in triple berry and unflavored, Gut Love includes seven strains plus 20 billion probiotics.

This easy-to-digest gut powder is popular with fitness enthusiasts and users hoping to reduce bloat. We can't promise it does, but Teami does. Enthusiastic users were quick to tout Gut Love stating, "This tastes so good. I just drink it with water. My stomach feels less bloated. Going to need another one soon!"

Gut Love is available on sale on Amazon now for $27 (reduced from $37). It's also available for $37 at Revolve.  One container yields 30 servings.

Why we like Gut Love:

  • We like that Gut Love is free of binders, sugar, soy, corn, gluten, dairy and artificial colors.
  • It takes good.
  • Gut Love promises to increase regularity while decreasing bloating.
$28 at Amazon $37 at Revolve

Best greens powder for gut health: AG1


If you're looking to add greens into your digestive health, AG1 is a popular greens formula that offers both prebiotics and probiotics in addition to 75 vitamins and minerals. One of few products that are both NSF-certified and made in a TGA-registered facility, AG1 features a phytonutrient blend derived from nutrient-rich superfoods key to well-balanced bodily systems.

Optimized for an athletic lifestyle, AG1 is recommended by F1 champion Lewis Hamilton and Peloton master instructor Robin Arzon.

Mix one scoop in a glass of water each day for a nutrient-rich boost that promises immune support, increased metabolism, digestive support and increased energy.

(Between friends, greens powders often taste, If you're looking for mild-tasting gut support, try Ritual Synbiotic + or Gut Love instead.)

AG1 is available directly from AG1 for $79, which derives 30 servings.

Why we like AG1

  • AG1 contains 75 vitamins and minerals.
  • This gut powder supports gut health, while also promising to boost energy.
  • Customers gave AG1 4.5 stars on Amazon.
$79 at AG1

Best 2-in-1 digestive health capsule: Seed DS-01


Designed for both gastrointestinal and whole body health, Seed is a 2-in-1 "capsule-in-capsule" probiotic and prebiotic. Using 24 clinically scientifically studied probiotics strains, Seed promises to support systemic health.

Seed is available at for $50.

Why we like Seed DS-01:

  • Seed promises improved digestive health in addition to heart, skin and gut health.
  • Seed was developed in conjunction with scientists -- it's a research-based probiotic.
$50 at Seed Health

Best choice on a budget: Nuven Naturals Gut Health 


Gut Health is a 3-in-1 digestive aid derived from probiotics, prebiotics, herbs and adaptogens for a daily gut support capsule.  Gut Health features 10 billion CFU of probiotics and nine unique strains that help increase good bacteria in the gut.  

The herbal blend includes turmeric root, ginger root, funegreek seed, marshmallow powder and licorice powder to help support digestion and reduce gas and stomach discomfort.

Unlike many probiotics, Gut Health does not need to be refrigerated.

Gut Health is available at Amazon for $19.  Each package contains a two-month supply.

Why we like Gut Health:

  • We like the probiotic, prebiotic and herbal compilation.
  • The capsule offering means taste is not a concern.
  • Gut Health is markedly less expensive than other gut powders and capsules.
$19 at Amazon

Top Amazon pick: Designs for Health GI Revive Powder


A top seller on Amazon, earning 4.3 stars from verified buyers, Designs for Health GI Revive features a combination of probiotics with amino acids like L-Glutamine, citrus pectin and prune powder for digestive support, powerful nutrients like zinc and carnosine. It also features powerful-but-gentle botanicals like aloe, slippery elm, marshmallow, chamomile, okra extract and cat's claw (TOA-free). This formulation is designed to promote good intestinal function while also helping to build the gut lining. 

GI Revive is best taken on an empty stomach. Just mix this peach-flavored powder in a cup of water before you eat.

Designs for Health GI Revive is available for $88 on Amazon. One container yields 28 servings.

Why we like Designs for Health GI Revive:

  • This powder is filled with soothing ingredients like aloe, which can be calming for those with gut inflammation.
  • This powder is non-GMO and contains no sugar, dairy or soy.
$88 at Amazon

The best gut powders to reduce bloating

When suggesting gut powders, we looked for powders with clean ingredients -- that means no sugar, soy or fillers.

"One key component often found in gut powders is dietary fiber, which acts as a prebiotic," said Lisa Richards, nutritionist and author of The Candida Diet. "Prebiotics serve as food for beneficial gut bacteria, helping them thrive and maintain a balanced ecosystem in the gut."

"Additionally, these powders may include probiotics, which are live beneficial bacteria that can further enhance gut health by promoting a balanced microbiome. Other ingredients commonly found in gut powders may include herbs, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that can aid in digestion, reduce inflammation, and support overall gut function."

When making our choices, we looked for gut powders that contained prebiotics and probiotics, the good bacteria that lines the gut.  Experts say that 10-20 billion CFU per day of probiotics is enough to maintain balance in the gut. 

If you've brushed up on all things digestive health and you're hoping to cut to the chase, these are our top picks featured in this article. 

What you really need to know about gut health

Thanks to scientific advances coupled with a social media fascination, digestive health is one of the trendiest wellness topics to date. Gut health even has its own hashtag on TikTok with #GutTok receiving more than 999 million views to date. All that gut talk means a lot of science-y buzz words get thrown around, leaving many not sure what's fact and what's not.

So what is the gut? The gut as it is referenced in conversations about bloating and digestive health refers to the entire gastrointestinal tract, which includes all major organs of the digestive system. When your GI tract digests food, it breaks down the most basic parts while the body absorbs the vitamins and nutrients. Your body regulates the process by using (good) bacteria, hormones and nerves. Gut health can impact everything from your mood, to your weight and digestion. Simply put, when the bacteria in your gut are off balance, it can throw your mood and your health into a tailspin.

Good bacteria in your gut, called gut flora, strengthens the gut walls, while also activating immune functions in the cells in your gut walls. That helps keep your immune system up and bad bacteria out. Good bacteria keeps the gut walls strong, which helps keep bad bacteria from slipping into the blood stream and causing inflammation (which is linked to a whole host of ailments from bad digestion to allergies).

So do gut powders work? "For some people, consuming a gut health focused powder that helps either rebalance the levels of bacteria, or that offer particular enzymes that are also associated with the breakdown of the nutrients, can be beneficial for relieving some of the bloating and side effects following the food consumption," said Kara Landau, a Prebiotic RD and world leading gut health registered dietician. 

That doesn't mean gut powders are for everyone. "If someone is suffering from a condition such as SIBO, or has been diagnosed with IBS," Laundau said, "I would recommend that they seek specific guidance from a practitioner such as a GI doctor or registered dietitian who specializes in gut health disorders before adding in any new gut health powders to ensure that they do not exacerbate any of the negative symptoms they are trying to reduce."

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