Miguel Sano didn't arrive with quite the same hype as Kris Bryant last year, but he delivered similar results, albeit in half as many at-bats. His power stroke may have actually instilled more fear in opposing pitchers, too, considering he would have had a top-10 walk rate (to give him the second-highest OPS among third base-eligible players) if he had the at-bats to qualify. The problem is he's not third base-eligible anymore. There's also that whole issue of him striking out more than every third at-bat, which could catch up to him in his first full season. He has Giancarlo Stanton-like upside, but only a fraction of the players that arrive with that kind of potential live up to it over the long haul. Still, Sano's DH-only status to begin the year could make him a middle-round bargain, especially since he figures to be outfield eligible soon enough.