2018 Fantasy Baseball ADP: Find the best draft day values on CBS, ESPN, Yahoo!

Of course we'd prefer that everyone play all of their Fantasy sports here at CBS Sports. Unfortunately we realize you aren't all that lucky. You have that crazy uncle or friend from college who runs the league and he keeps settling on one of the other sites. But we're still here for you.

What you may not think about if you're playing on a different site is that the people in your league are not getting the same advice you are. That can create some serious disparity in ADP, which in turn means you can wait much later to draft some of our favorite breakouts and sleepers. And that's what today's piece is all about. 

Below I've given you the best and worst values on Yahoo!, ESPN and CBS. I'm saving CBS for the end, because our ADP unsurprisingly is more closely aligned with my rankings. 

Great Yahoo! Values
Player NameYahoo! Overall ADPMy RankYahoo! Position ADPMy Position Rank

Delino DeShields is slated to open the season as leadoff hitter for the Texas Rangers. If he plays 150 games (which he never has) he should be a near lock for 30 steals and 90 runs, and the upside is considerably higher. In our drafts I've been focused on accumulating steals early in the draft, but if you're drafting on Yahoo! that can be less of a focus because DeShields will be there.

Yahoo! WOrst Values
Player NameYahoo! ADPMy RankYahoo! Position ADPMy Position Rank

I've said it a lot this offseason, but it bears repeating once more. Shohei Ohtani is not worth the cost. Especially if you can't use him as both a hitter and a pitcher. I expect somewhere around 150 innings from Ohtani, and that's if he doesn't get hurt. I also find it highly unlikely that he'll be good as both a hitter and a pitcher in his first exposure to the majors. I get the intrigue, and I'm looking forward to watching him. But that warm fuzzy feeling isn't worth a seventh-round pick. 

ESPN Best Values
Player NameESPN ADPMy RankESPN Position ADPMy Position Rank

Blake Snell is one of our favorite breakout candidates, and he doesn't have to do much to justify this draft cost. Snell's control improved in the second half last year and it's been even better in Spring Training. In Rotisserie leagues I have him as a top 40 starting pitcher, and the upside is much higher. 

ESPN worst values
Player NameESPN ADPMy RankESPN Position ADPMy Position Rank

There was a time where we thought Justin Turner was going to be underdrafted this season. This ADP sure doesn't look like it. Taking Turner in the fifth round is betting on him staying healthy and matching last year's career year. I wouldn't want to make either of those bets, and I'd much rather have Travis Shaw or Rafael Devers three rounds later.

CBS Best Values
Player NameCBS ADPMy RankCBS Position ADPMy Position Rank

As I said, this ADP is influenced more by my rankings and those of Scott White, so it's harder to find outliers. But Jameson Taillon definitely deserves better. Taillon had a 3.48 FIP last year, and has a 3.98 ERA in 237 career innings. If Taillon maintains his increase in Ks and has better batted ball luck, he has No. 3 starter potential.

CBS Worst Value
Player NameCBS ADPMy RankCBS Position ADPMy Position Rank

Miguel Sano was one of my favorite breakout candidates, so I'm not questioning anyone for believing in his upside. But he's been banged up this preseason, he's out of shape and he's under investigation by the Commissioner's office. There are just too many red flags to draft a player who still has question marks on the field as well. 

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