2018 Fantasy Baseball rankings: Advanced MLB Trade Chart loving Paul Goldschmidt, fading Giancarlo Stanton

It's now or never if you want to make major improvements to your Fantasy Baseball team.

Finding the right deal now can be the difference between winning it all and going home with nothing. Before you pull the trigger in your head-to-head leagues, you need to see Scott White's advanced MLB Trade Chart. It assigns a value to the top 200 players in Major League Baseball and is like having around-the-clock access to advice and Fantasy Baseball rankings from one of the top experts in the country. Anyone who uses it will have a huge leg up in their league.

White has spent over a decade as CBS Sports' Fantasy Baseball analyst, has been named the FSWA Baseball Writer of the Year and was the 2017 runner-up in the famous Tout Wars league -- the most prestigious league for Fantasy Baseball experts from around the country.

If anybody can spot a value in a Fantasy Baseball deal, it's White, who realized the worth of players like James Paxton, Ozzie Albies and Gerrit Cole this year long before many other experts.

We can tell you that Paul Goldschmidt is surging up the 2018 Fantasy Rankings and Trade Chart, jumping from No. 33 to No. 26.

After a slow start, Arizona's first baseman is back to his All-Star caliber numbers, bumping his average to .264 with 17 home runs and 41 RBIs entering Week 14. His average was hovering around .200 in early May, so his value has been all over the map.

But if you stuck with him through that slump, White's chart will help you make sure you sell at the highest possible point. Goldschmidt has a trade value of 35, the same as Joey Votto.

Meanwhile, two Yankees are going in the opposite direction. Outfielder Giancarlo Stanton and catcher Gary Sanchez have each dropped from top-25 targets to 32nd and 33rd.

The hard-hitting Stanton has six home runs and 11 RBI in June, but has also struck out 24 times. Sanchez has really hit rock bottom this month, batting .106 with one homer, four RBI and 15 Ks. White warns against overpaying for struggling brand-name hitters.

Stanton and Sanchez have a trade value of 31 and 30, similar to players like Anthony Rizzo and Zack Greinke.

White has also moved one of the Astros' key players up more than a dozen spots to No. 24, and an AL pitcher a whopping 22 spots to No. 43. Getting the right value for players like these could be the difference between winning a title and going into the offseason empty-handed.

What are the trade values for the top 200 players in Head-to-Head leagues, and which star player is now a top-25 value? Visit SportsLine now to get Scott White's full Head-to-Head Fantasy Baseball trade chart, all from an award-winning expert who has been all over James Paxton's recent breakthrough

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