2019 Fantasy Baseball Season Preview: Bold predictions, award picks, World Series winners, and more

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It's an annual tradition that doesn't need much of an introduction: Our annual bold predictions, award picks, standings predictions and World Series winners. Last year, we correctly called Domingo Santana's struggles and that Joey Gallo would hit more home runs than Aaron Judge, and ... let's not talk about the rest!

But that's what this is for: To take a bold stand. You aren't always going to be right. You aren't mostly going to be right. If you get everything right, you're not trying hard enough! Let's take a dive into the deep end.

Heath Cummings' Bold Predictions

  1. Eloy Jimenez will be a top-20 hitter in both formats
  2. Joey Gallo will lead baseball with 50-plus home runs    
    • With 40 and 41 homers in his first two full seasons, this may seem like a lot to ask from Gallo, but it's not. It would require a couple of things to go right: A dip in his strikeout rate and a rise in his HR/FB rate. He might have the best raw power in baseball and a great home park, so the second part may not be too much too ask. It's the strikeouts that hold the key to everything for him.
  3. Shane Bieber will be the Indians second-best pitcher    
    • The peripherals suggest Bieber was about as good as anyone in baseball last season. The results ... not so much. It wasn't all bad luck, but with better pitch mix and a little less nibbling, the upside is huge. 

Chris Towers' Bold Predictions

  1. Justin Turner will be a top-10 hitter in Fantasy     
  2. Daniel Murphy will hit .360       
    • Murphy hit .347 and .322 in 2016 and 2017, before "falling" all the way to .299 in an injury-marred 2018. The skills are still strong, as he showed after getting healthy last season, and now he gets to play in Coors Field for half his games. Coors is a notoriously good park for hitters, but it especially helps inflate BABIP. In 2012, Dave Cameron wrote on FanGraphs, "the inflation of BABIP is the defining characteristic of Coors Field, and is the primary driver of higher offensive levels in the park." That hasn't changed. Murphy could be a league-winner here. 
  3. The Marlins will have three top-50 starting pitchers      

Scott White's Bold Predictions

  1. The Rockies have two top-five Cy Young finishers    
  2. Brandon Lowe is a top-10 second baseman        
    • Scott ranked Lowe as the No. 44 prospect in Fantasy before the season, coming off a season in which he hit 28 homers between the majors and minors. And that was before the Rays showed their faith in Lowe by signing him to a rich extension. 
  3. Luke Voit is the AL All-Star starter at first base    

Adam Aizer's Bold Predictions

  1. Brad Peacock is better than Zack Greinke    
    • Is Adam particularly high on Peacock? Particularly low on Greinke? Maybe a little bit of both, which is understandable. Greinke can't keep outrunning father time forever, and Peacock was dynamite while starting for most of 2017. He's going to be a value for a lot of players this year.
  2. Cody Bellinger is a top-three MVP finalist    
    • Let's see: Bellinger can play a premium position in a pinch, and has 45-homer potential. Oh, and he's a good baserunner. And he plays for what will almost certainly be a runaway division winner. Bellinger is no sure thing, but the upside here makes this more than possible.
  3. A.J. Pollock is a top-five OF in Points Leagues and top 10 in Roto        
    • You know I love this one. Pollock's final season numbers don't reflect how good he was after an offseason swing change, because Pollock was hitting .293/.349/.620 with a 45-homer, 37-steal pace before the suffering a thumb injury. That sapped his power and dragged his numbers down when he made it back, but the potential for elite production is still very much in place.

World Series Picks

  • Heath: Astros over Dodgers
  • Chris: Dodgers over Yankees 
  • Scott: Yankees over Dodgers
  • Adam: Astros over Dodgers

Award Picks

NL MVP Freddie Freeman Ronald Acuna Bryce Harper Justin Turner
AL MVP Mike Trout Jose Ramirez Mookie Betts Mike Trout
NL Cy Young Max Scherzer Max Scherzer Max Scherzer Noah Syndergaard
AL Cy Young Gerrit Cole Trevor Bauer Gerrit Cole Trevor Bauer
NL Rookie of the Year Victor Robles Victor Robles Victor Robles Fernando Tatis
AL Rookie of the Year Eloy Jimenez Eloy Jimenez Eloy Jimenez Eloy Jimenez
AL East
AL Central
AL West
NL East
NL Central
NL West
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