Analyzing the Lester/Cespedes trade on Fantasy Baseball Today

Happy deadline day! Not all deals are created equal, but the Fantasy Baseball landscape is bound to change. Whether it's a quake or just a tremor remains to be seen, but we'll be analyzing today's Jon Lester/Yoenis Cespedes swap as well as all the rest that come down the news pipeline. Tune in for all the news and analysis live at noon eastern

Bonus: We're playing a fun game based on the greatest (and most ridiculous) names in baseball history. At the end of each segment, we'll put up a full screen graphic of four names, and Adam Aizer and Al Melchior will guess which of them is made up. Wimpy Quinn sounds made up, but I assure you, he was indeed a pitcher for the Cubs in the 1950s.

As always, you can call (877.627.9777), tweet or email to get in touch with the show. And be sure to play along with the name game. 

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