Are Lonnie Chisenhall, John Lackey and Khris Davis sell-high candidates?

Selling high is an easy strategy to talk about, but a difficult one to master. When we advise owners to sell high on a player, it's almost like we've labeled him damaged goods. His owner too often feels compelled unload him as quickly as possible, as if being saddled with him is some great failure. The idea, though, isn't just to get something back, but to get back more than he's worth. That's why it's called selling high.

It's also why in leagues full of analysts, selling high rarely, if ever, happens. As a result, Al Melchior and I are generally hesitant to apply that label.

But in some cases, it so clearly applies. On Wednesday's Fantasy Baseball Today, we debated whether Lonnie Chisenhall, Yordano Ventura, Erick Aybar, Ian Kinsler, John Lackey and Khris Davis are those cases.

For more of this type of analysis, tune in today at noon ET. 

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