Assessing Mike Trout's trade value

Whenever someone calls into Fantasy Baseball Today with what he thinks is a good enough offer to part with Mike Trout, we pretty much always tell him to stand pat, prompting one of Wednesday's callers  -- a certain Pete from Tampa, Fla. -- to ask in disbelief, "Well, what's the value of Trout, then?"

It's not as straightforward as it sounds because the goal for anyone looking to trade Trout isn't just fair value. If the key to building a winning Fantasy roster is to create an advantage at as many positions as possible, a known advantage at one of the deepest positions in Fantasy is an irreplaceable piece. Particularly in shallower leagues of 10 teams or fewer, where every team has an elite or near-elite player at most every position, a player like Trout, who stands out from even the elite, is one of the few sure advantages and should therefore demand a king's ransom.

That's the gist of it for me, but we go into specifics in the video. And of course, as with any question-and-answer segment, we weigh in on some of the other topis on everyone's minds, such as Devin Mesoraco's place in the catcher rankings after homering in five straight games and Jeff Samardzija's value in his current situation.

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