Bold predictions for 2014

While you were off picking your nose (because what else do you have to do when baseball season is over?), Al Melchior and I spent the last six months making predictions and will continue to make team over the course of the next six. In fact, you could say our jobs are nothing more than a never-ending stream of predictions.

But while most predictions don't require much forethought and basically just reinforce what you already believe about a player, some are legitimately bold. And in Monday's season-opener edition of Fantasy Baseball Today, we revealed some of our boldest.  

I'll let the video speak for itself, but let's just say Cardinals fans will be happy. And Dodgers fans will grow to hate me all the more the more.

(I mean, yeah, my busts column was like one-fourth Dodgers, but that's only because so many of them go in the early rounds. Even if I'm right about all of them, which I won't be, they'll still probably win the division).

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