Di Fino: Time for a Fantasy quiz

Sharpen your pencils and clean off your smudgy glasses.

It's quiz time!

You don't get points just for filling in your name correctly, and you actually don't get anything for getting a perfect score (outside of being able to go out to a bar and tell every woman you see that you correctly answered all 15 questions on a Fantasy quiz on the Internet today), but, hey, everybody loves a fun little testing of wits. And if you behave, we might just get to play a little seven-up later on.

So close the books and put away the calculators. You have 10 minutes to complete all the answers below (all stats are through games played on Thursday, June 14):

1. The highest-scoring second baseman in Fantasy, with 227 points, is?

a. Ian Kinsler
b. Dan Uggla
c. Jason Kipnis
d. Robinson Cano

2. The MLB leader in at-bats, with 268, is?

a. Ian Kinsler
b. Starlin Castro
c. Michael Bourn
d. Derek Jeter

3. Who has more triples?

a. Orlando Hudson
b. Jose Reyes
c. Starlin Castro

4. Aroldis Chapman is the MLB pitcher with the most strikeouts in under 35 innings pitched (56 strikeouts in 32 innings). Who is in second?

a. Craig Kimbrel
b. Ernesto Frieri
c. Kenley Jansen
d. Joaquin Benoit

5. Which player currently ranks in the top five, overall, in Fantasy points?

a. Clayton Kershaw
b. David Wright
c. Lance Lynn
d. Gio Gonzalez

Bonus Pop Culture Question No. 1: Which character was represented by the oboe in Peter and the Wolf?

a. The cat
b. The duck
c. The grandfather
d. The wolf

6. This pitcher leads MLB in quality starts, with 12:

a. R.A. Dickey
b. Lance Lynn
c. Johnny Cueto
d. Gio Gonzalez

7. Which Saunders is owned in more leagues (47 percent vs 45 percent)?

a. Michael Saunders
b. Joe Saunders

8. I am 6-2 with a 3.68 ERA, and I played in Japan last year. I am:

a. Wei-Yin Chen
b. Yu Darvish

9. I currently have a 4.35 ERA, and -- fun fact! -- I closed games for Stephen Strasburg at San Diego State. I am:

a. Kenley Jansen
b. Jordan Norberto
c. Bryan Shaw
d. Addison Reed

Bonus Pop Culture Question No. 2: What was the name of the limo driver in Die Hard?

a. Stas
b. Jefferson
c. Argyle
d. Johnson

10. The only closer with more than 10 saves who has yet to register a blown save is?

a. Santiago Casilla
b. Joel Hanrahan
c. Chris Perez
d. Jonathan Papelbon

11. Through Thursday's games, just one pitcher has allowed 100 hits so far this season. He is:

a. Jake Arrieta
b. Bartolo Colon
c. Rick Porcello
d. Matt Harrison

Bonus Pop Culture Question No. 3: Who is currently going fifth overall according to early Fantasy Football ADPs?

a. Aaron Rodgers
b. Tom Brady
c. Ray Rice
d. Maurice Jones-Drew

12. Twelve players have been caught stealing five or more times this season. But only one in that group has been caught more times (seven) than he has successfully stolen a base (five). That player is:

a. Jose Tabata
b. Dee Gordon
c. Will Venable
d. Willie Bloomquist

13. Just one catcher has double-digit home runs and double-digit doubles this year. He is:

a. Carlos Ruiz
b. Jarrod Saltalamacchia
c. Matt Wieters
d. A.J. Pierzynski

14. Who has more Fantasy points this season?

a. Felipe Paulino
b. Kyle Drabek
c. Tommy Hunter
d. Christian Friedrich

15.Which Gonzalez has scored the most Fantasy points this season?

a. Adrian Gonzalez
b. Carlos Gonzalez
c. Gio Gonzalez
d. Marwin Gonzalez

Bonus Pop Culture Question No. 4: In South Park, what is Towelie's son named?

a. Jamesy McGee
b. Marwin Gonzalez
c. Jeff
d. Washcloth

How'd you do? Score yourself below, and be sure to submit your results to @adamaizer, as he has no idea this is going on, and it will be a wonderful way to confuse him.

1. C
2. C
3. A
4. B
5. C
6. A
7. B
8. A
9. D
10. D
11. B
12. D
13. B
14. C
15. B

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