Di Fino: Time for another Fantasy quiz

It's time for the third installment in our Fantasy Quiz series. Get excited, people! These are fun! Slap on your thinking caps, sharpen your pencils, take one last look at the MLB stats page, and let's get started...

(All stats are through games played on Thursday, June 28):

1. Fernando Rodney is the top-scoring closer in standard, points-based Fantasy leagues. But the closer with the second-highest amount of points (241.5) is:

a. Craig Kimbrel
b. Chris Perez
c. Joel Hanrahan
d. Jim Johnson

2. The most-owned player currently in the minor leagues (with 27 percent ownership) is:

a. Daniel Bard
b. Julio Teheran
c. Wil Myers
d. Matt Adams

3. Which Soriano is owned in more leagues?:

a. Rafael
b. Alfonso
c. It's a tie!

4. Which player has been caught stealing five times in June, the most in baseball for the month?:

a. Starlin Castro
b. Dee Gordon
c. Brett Lawrie
d. Willie Bloomquist

5. This player has his three extra-inning home runs, the most in baseball this season:

a. Carlos Gonzalez
b. Yoenis Cespedes
c. Derek Jeter
d. Adam Jones

Bonus Pop Culture Question #1: What is Indiana Jones' real first name?

a. Henry
b. Thomas
c. Shawn
d. Charles

6. Who has more Quality Starts this season?:

a. Jordan Zimmermann
b. Gio Gonzalez
c. Cole Hamels
d. Clayton Kershaw

7. Only one player in Major League Baseball has double-digit home runs, double-digit steals, is batting over .300, and has five or more triples. That player is:

a. Melky Cabrera
b. Dexter Fowler
c. Starlin Castro
d. Alex Rios

8. Who has more Fantasy points this season?:

a. Alex Rodriguez
b. Wandy Rodriguez

9.: Over the last seven days, two teams have placed two starters in the Top 10 of points scored among pitchers. The first is San Francisco (Madison Bumgarner and Tim Lincecum, with 50 and 44 points, respectively). The other team is the:

a. Milwaukee Brewers
b. New York Mets
c. Houston Astros
d. Cincinnati Reds

Bonus Pop Culture Question #2: Jodi Benson provided the voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid. But she also was the voice of this character in the Toy Story movies:

a. Bo Peep
b. Barbie
c. Andy's Mom
d. Mrs. Potato Head

10. Of the following players, which has the most stolen bases this season as a pinch runner, with four?:

a. Tony Campana
b. Willie Bloomquist
c. Dewayne Wise
d. Allen Craig

11. Which team has the most stolen bases (27) in the month of June?:

a. Texas Rangers
b. Kansas City Royals
c. Pittsburgh Pirates
d. San Francisco Giants

Bonus Pop Culture Question #3: According to Beckett Baseball Monthly , what is the value of a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card, ungraded, in near mint condition?:

a. $12,200
b. $30,000
c. $55,000
d. $125,000

12. Which group of players is more widely-owned?:

a. Players whose last names start with "Y"
b. Players whose last names start with "Z"

13. Which Ramirez has more Fantasy points this season?:

a. Hanley Ramirez
b. Aramis Ramirez

14. Which Colby has more Fantasy points this season?:

a. Colby Rasmus
b. Colby Lewis

15. Which C. Lee has more Fantasy points this season?:

a. Cliff Lee
b. Carlos Lee

Bonus Pop Culture Question #4: According to the 1987 classic, The Monster Squad, which creature's "got nards"?

a. The Mummy
b. Wolfman
c. Dracula
d. Frankenstein

How'd you do? Check your answers below, and post your results in the comments section for the world to gaze upon and admire:

1. D
2. C
3. A (Rafael is owned in 88% of leagues; Alfonso in 82%)
4. C
5. D
6. A (with 13)
7. D
8. B (216.5 to 216)
9. C (Lucas Harrell with 48, Dallas Keuchel with 44)
10. C
11. A
12. B (Zs are owned in a sum total of 392%; Ys are owned in 347%)
13. A (229 to 225)
14. B (235 to 222)
15. A (167 to 158)
DONUS 4: B (and you can watch the clip here)

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