We have a saying for whenever a good pitcher has a bad start at Coors Field.

"He gets a pass for this one."

That park is like no other, most any baseball fan would tell you. The ball doesn't move the same way a mile above sea level. Pitchers aren't really themselves there and, thus, can't be judged like themselves.

But when that pitcher is Jake Arrieta, who was a mild disappointment in the second half last year, has been a mild disappointment in the early going this year and wears the uniform that provokes the most emotional of responses, whether favorably or unfavorably, these days, it's a drain on our collective patience.

Last week, I introduced the idea that the Fantasy Baseball ace -- a pitcher who consistently pitches 6-7 innings with more than a strikeout per inning and respectable ERA and WHIP -- is a dying breed, with only 15-25 pitchers in the discussion and no obvious candidates knocking at the door. If you unload one of them -- in this case, Arrieta -- what hope do you have of finding another?

But, guys ...

Yeah, but ...

And ...

But it wasn't just Scherzer.

Terrible, you say?

(I rank him eighth, it turns out, but I get having him a tier behind Clayton Kershaw, Max Scherzer, Chris Sale, Jacob deGrom and even Corey Kluber, when he's healthy.)

Yes, they probably were just venting. From Matt Harvey to Alex Bregman to Matt Carpenter (since redeemed), I've seen owners "lose faith" in countless players this season, but when push comes to shove, nope, they want full price for him. If this poll conducted among Arrieta owners and non-owners alike is any indication, though, I'm saying there's a chance:

Some of the offers I made in an attempt to buy low ...

Of course, there are no guarantees with any struggling player, which is why you shouldn't need to -- and unless you're hard up for pitching, have little incentive to -- pay full price for Arrieta.