Fantasy Baseball: Manny Machado sneaks into first round of Rotisserie mock draft to close out winter meetings

There's a reason people don't draft actual Fantasy Baseball teams in December.

Too much is left to speculation.

Particularly given the way this offseason has (or, more accurately, hasn't) progressed, every pick is made through a haze, merely assuming rosters will look a certain way come opening day.

The winter meetings were supposed to resolve much of that. They did not. Apart from the Marcell Ozuna trade, which impacted few players of Fantasy consequence, most of what happened amounted to window dressing. In fact, you could argue the meetings introduced more questions than they resolved just from the volume of rumors that came out of them.

One of the biggest: The Orioles are dangling Manny Machado, and he'd like to go somewhere he can play shortstop. I have no doubt that little tidbit influenced Adam Aizer's selection of Machado at the end of Round 1. As purely a third baseman, Machado should go after Kris Bryant and probably Joey Votto and Freddie Freeman as well, but as a shortstop? Well, he'd probably be No. 1 at the position.

Likewise, rumors of the Yankees pursuing Gerrit Cole inspired me to select the right-hander as my third starting pitcher at the end of Round 10. I actually rank both Jon Lester and Johnny Cueto, who each went two rounds later, ahead of Cole, but the effect the Yankees' lineup and bullpen could have on Cole's win potential would certainly change things.

The uncertainty is most felt at relief pitcher, where role is everything in this format. Those who get saves are scarce and perpetually in demand. Those who don't are practically worthless. We still don't know who's closing for the Cubs, Diamondbacks and Mets, to name a few, which forces those of us drafting now straddle the fence with relievers like Brandon Morrow and Archie Bradley. Morrow could be the Cubs' answer to the ninth inning and Bradley the Diamondbacks', and if they are, given their abilities, they should go as much 10 rounds earlier. But as far as we know, the Cubs and Diamondbacks are still shopping for relief help, so none of us wanted to invest too much.

A few other observations:

  • Our first draft with Giancarlo Stanton in pinstripes saw him go in the middle of the first round, ahead of Bryce Harper (which I didn't like) and Mookie Betts (which I did like). Despite how far he slid in our previous mock draft, he deserved to be a first-rounder even with the Marlins, but joining a loaded lineup in a smaller park gives him a legitimate shot at 60 homers.
  • Our first draft since the Shohei Ohtani decision saw the two-way player go with the first pick in Round 9. My assumption right now is that his Fantasy owner will rarely if ever elect to start him as a hitter, so assessing him just as a pitcher, the pick is a little high for me. In order to play both ways, he'll have to work in a six-man rotation, possibly with additional rest here and there, so I wouldn't count on him throwing more than, say, 160 innings. Inning-for-inning could be great, but it's kind of another Rich Hill situation.
  • Mr. Irrelevant was of an unusually high profile. Yes, Chris Davis -- normally a fixture in the early rounds for this particularly format, where his strikeouts aren't as limiting -- nearly went undrafted. True, he's coming off a down year, but he averaged 39.4 home runs over the previous five and is still only 31. The strikeouts have always made him a high-variance play, so he's a reasonable bet to bounce back. Then again, him slipping so far kind of speaks to the depth in the infield. I wouldn't want to give up who I drafted at first base, corner infield and utility for a shot at Davis.

But it's not all about me, of course. Here's who else took part in this draft:

  1. Kerry Klug, Razzball
  2. Ralph Lifshitz, Razzball
  3. Scott White, CBS Sports
  4. Justin Mason, FanGraphs
  5. Jeff Tobin, CBS Sports
  6. Lawr Michaels, Mastersball
  7. Jeff Zimmerman, FanGraphs
  8. Tim McLeod, Patton & Co
  9. Lance Brozdowski,
  10. Chris Towers, CBS Sports
  11. Sergio Gonzalez, CBS Sports
  12. Adam Aizer, CBS Sports

The format is Rotisserie, standard 5x5 (batting average, home runs, RBI, runs and stolen bases for hitters and wins, ERA, WHIP, strikeouts and saves for pitchers).

Round By Round
Round 1
Pos Team Player
1 Tim McLeod M. Trout CF LAA
2 Heath Cummings M. Betts RF BOS
3 Zach Steinhorn F. Lindor SS CLE
4 Adam Aizer J. Ramirez 3B CLE
5 Donkey Teeth R. Acuna LF ATL
6 Chris Towers M. Scherzer SP WAS
7 Scott White N. Arenado 3B COL
8 Clay Link J. Martinez DH BOS
9 Matt Williams A. Bregman 3B HOU
10 Brandon Myers T. Turner SS WAS
11 Phil Ponebshek J. Altuve 2B HOU
12 Mike Kuchera B. Harper RF WAS
Round 2
Pos Team Player
13 Mike Kuchera M. Machado SS LAD
14 Phil Ponebshek P. Goldschmidt 1B STL
15 Brandon Myers A. Judge RF NYY
16 Matt Williams C. Sale SP BOS
17 Clay Link C. Yelich LF MIL
18 Scott White J. deGrom SP NYM
19 Chris Towers C. Kluber SP CLE
20 Donkey Teeth J. Verlander SP HOU
21 Adam Aizer C. Blackmon CF COL
22 Zach Steinhorn G. Stanton DH NYY
23 Heath Cummings B. Snell SP TB
24 Tim McLeod J. Baez 2B CHC
Round 3
Pos Team Player
25 Tim McLeod F. Freeman 1B ATL
26 Heath Cummings A. Benintendi LF BOS
27 Zach Steinhorn C. Kershaw SP LAD
28 Adam Aizer L. Severino SP NYY
29 Donkey Teeth V. Guerrero 3B TOR
30 Chris Towers J. Soto LF WAS
31 Scott White T. Story SS COL
32 Clay Link A. Nola SP PHI
33 Matt Williams K. Bryant 3B CHC
34 Brandon Myers W. Merrifield 2B KC
35 Phil Ponebshek C. Correa SS HOU
36 Mike Kuchera K. Davis DH OAK
Round 4
Pos Team Player
37 Mike Kuchera A. Rizzo 1B CHC
38 Phil Ponebshek M. Bumgarner SP SF
39 Brandon Myers G. Cole SP HOU
40 Matt Williams S. Marte CF PIT
41 Clay Link W. Buehler SP LAD
42 Scott White A. Mondesi SS KC
43 Chris Towers M. Carpenter 1B STL
44 Donkey Teeth T. Bauer SP CLE
45 Adam Aizer N. Syndergaard SP NYM
46 Zach Steinhorn G. Springer CF HOU
47 Heath Cummings C. Carrasco SP CLE
48 Tim McLeod R. Hoskins LF PHI
Round 5
Pos Team Player
49 Tim McLeod A. Rendon 3B WAS
50 Heath Cummings X. Bogaerts SS BOS
51 Zach Steinhorn O. Albies 2B ATL
52 Adam Aizer J. Votto 1B CIN
53 Donkey Teeth C. Bellinger 1B LAD
54 Chris Towers G. Sanchez C NYY
55 Scott White S. Gennett 2B CIN
56 Clay Link M. Ozuna LF STL
57 Matt Williams M. Clevinger SP CLE
58 Brandon Myers S. Strasburg SP WAS
59 Phil Ponebshek J. Realmuto C MIA
60 Mike Kuchera P. Corbin SP WAS
Round 6
Pos Team Player
61 Mike Kuchera E. Diaz RP NYM
62 Phil Ponebshek J. Abreu 1B CHW
63 Brandon Myers E. Suarez 3B CIN
64 Matt Williams C. Seager SS LAD
65 Clay Link G. Torres 2B NYY
66 Scott White Z. Greinke SP ARI
67 Chris Towers J. Segura SS PHI
68 Donkey Teeth V. Robles CF WAS
69 Adam Aizer D. Gordon 2B SEA
70 Zach Steinhorn L. Cain CF MIL
71 Heath Cummings C. Kimbrel RP BOS
72 Tim McLeod J. Taillon SP PIT
Round 7
Pos Team Player
73 Tim McLeod M. Conforto LF NYM
74 Heath Cummings T. Shaw 3B MIL
75 Zach Steinhorn K. Jansen RP LAD
76 Adam Aizer J. Paxton SP NYY
77 Donkey Teeth E. Jimenez LF CHW
78 Chris Towers T. Pham CF TB
79 Scott White B. Treinen RP OAK
80 Clay Link J. Villar 2B BAL
81 Matt Williams E. Rosario LF MIN
82 Brandon Myers J. Upton LF LAA
83 Phil Ponebshek M. Muncy 1B LAD
84 Mike Kuchera A. Chapman RP NYY
Round 8
Pos Team Player
85 Mike Kuchera J. Turner 3B LAD
86 Phil Ponebshek C. Martinez SP STL
87 Brandon Myers J. Flaherty SP STL
88 Matt Williams R. Osuna RP HOU
89 Clay Link G. Marquez SP COL
90 Scott White J. Gallo LF TEX
91 Chris Towers N. Castellanos RF DET
92 Donkey Teeth D. Dahl LF COL
93 Adam Aizer S. Doolittle RP WAS
94 Zach Steinhorn R. Ray SP ARI
95 Heath Cummings W. Contreras C CHC
96 Tim McLeod J. Berrios SP MIN
Round 9
Pos Team Player
97 Tim McLeod A. Rosario SS NYM
98 Heath Cummings B. Hamilton CF KC
99 Zach Steinhorn J. Aguilar 1B MIL
100 Adam Aizer B. Hand RP CLE
101 Donkey Teeth M. Haniger RF SEA
102 Chris Towers N. Cruz DH MIN
103 Scott White A. Pollock CF ARI
104 Clay Link M. Andujar 3B NYY
105 Matt Williams Z. Wheeler SP NYM
106 Brandon Myers E. Encarnacion DH SEA
107 Phil Ponebshek F. Vazquez RP PIT
108 Mike Kuchera J. Donaldson 3B ATL
Round 10
Pos Team Player
109 Mike Kuchera D. Murphy 2B COL
110 Phil Ponebshek A. McCutchen RF PHI
111 Brandon Myers J. Peraza SS CIN
112 Matt Williams R. Cano 2B NYM
113 Clay Link M. Chapman 3B OAK
114 Scott White W. Myers LF SD
115 Chris Towers M. Smith CF SEA
116 Donkey Teeth S. Ohtani DH LAA
117 Adam Aizer A. Hicks CF NYY
118 Zach Steinhorn R. Iglesias RP CIN
119 Heath Cummings M. Brantley LF HOU
120 Tim McLeod Y. Kikuchi P Unaffiliated
Round 11
Pos Team Player
121 Tim McLeod M. Mikolas SP STL
122 Heath Cummings C. Archer SP PIT
123 Zach Steinhorn T. Anderson SS CHW
124 Adam Aizer D. Price SP BOS
125 Donkey Teeth M. Foltynewicz SP ATL
126 Chris Towers S. Perez C KC
127 Scott White D. Peralta LF ARI
128 Clay Link J. Hader RP MIL
129 Matt Williams W. Ramos C NYM
130 Brandon Myers Y. Puig RF CIN
131 Phil Ponebshek J. Profar SS OAK
132 Mike Kuchera D. LeMahieu 2B NYY
Round 12
Pos Team Player
133 Mike Kuchera M. Tanaka SP NYY
134 Phil Ponebshek C. Morton SP TB
135 Brandon Myers I. Desmond 1B COL
136 Matt Williams Y. Grandal C MIL
137 Clay Link L. Castillo SP CIN
138 Scott White M. Olson 1B OAK
139 Chris Towers R. Devers 3B BOS
140 Donkey Teeth R. Odor 2B TEX
141 Adam Aizer B. Posey C SF
142 Zach Steinhorn D. Keuchel SP HOU
143 Heath Cummings K. Yates RP SD
144 Tim McLeod J. Leclerc RP TEX
Round 13
Pos Team Player
145 Tim McLeod N. Mazara RF TEX
146 Heath Cummings M. Moustakas 3B MIL
147 Zach Steinhorn S. Piscotty RF OAK
148 Adam Aizer M. Cabrera 1B DET
149 Donkey Teeth Y. Molina C STL
150 Chris Towers G. Polanco RF PIT
151 Scott White W. Davis RP COL
152 Clay Link K. Hendricks SP CHC
153 Matt Williams B. Nimmo RF NYM
154 Brandon Myers Y. Darvish SP CHC
155 Phil Ponebshek N. Senzel 2B CIN
156 Mike Kuchera C. Hamels SP CHC
Round 14
Pos Team Player
157 Mike Kuchera R. Porcello SP BOS
158 Phil Ponebshek O. Herrera CF PHI
159 Brandon Myers E. Hosmer 1B SD
160 Matt Williams J. Gray SP COL
161 Clay Link A. Meadows RF TB
162 Scott White J. Happ SP NYY
163 Chris Towers C. Knebel RP MIL
164 Donkey Teeth K. Giles RP TOR
165 Adam Aizer E. Andrus SS TEX
166 Zach Steinhorn J. Lester SP CHC
167 Heath Cummings B. Dozier 2B WAS
168 Tim McLeod J. Alvarado RP TB
Round 15
Pos Team Player
169 Tim McLeod R. Lopez SP CHW
170 Heath Cummings J. Martinez 1B STL
171 Zach Steinhorn M. Sano 3B MIN
172 Adam Aizer J. Soler RF KC
173 Donkey Teeth G. Hampson SS COL
174 Chris Towers A. Vizcaino RP ATL
175 Scott White J. Winker RF CIN
176 Clay Link A. Bradley RP ARI
177 Matt Williams A. Ottavino RP COL
178 Brandon Myers T. Glasnow RP TB
179 Phil Ponebshek A. Eaton RF WAS
180 Mike Kuchera F. Mejia C SD
Round 16
Pos Team Player
181 Mike Kuchera S. Choo DH TEX
182 Phil Ponebshek K. Schwarber LF CHC
183 Brandon Myers Z. Britton RP NYY
184 Matt Williams C. Santana 1B CLE
185 Clay Link S. Dominguez RP PHI
186 Scott White N. Markakis RF ATL
187 Chris Towers R. Hill SP LAD
188 Donkey Teeth J. James SP HOU
189 Adam Aizer D. Gregorius SS NYY
190 Zach Steinhorn W. Castillo C CHW
191 Heath Cummings A. Miller RP STL
192 Tim McLeod D. Jansen C TOR
Round 17
Pos Team Player
193 Tim McLeod C. Mullins CF BAL
194 Heath Cummings J. Luzardo SP OAK
195 Zach Steinhorn K. Seager 3B SEA
196 Adam Aizer K. Maeda SP LAD
197 Donkey Teeth S. Bieber SP CLE
198 Chris Towers H. Ryu SP LAD
199 Scott White W. Smith RP SF
200 Clay Link C. Hernandez 2B PHI
201 Matt Williams E. Escobar 3B ARI
202 Brandon Myers C. Cron DH MIN
203 Phil Ponebshek R. Grichuk RF TOR
204 Mike Kuchera F. Reyes RF SD
Round 18
Pos Team Player
205 Mike Kuchera E. Inciarte CF ATL
206 Phil Ponebshek K. Gausman SP ATL
207 Brandon Myers A. Colome RP CHW
208 Matt Williams N. Pivetta SP PHI
209 Clay Link Y. Gurriel 1B HOU
210 Scott White J. Quintana SP CHC
211 Chris Towers J. Nelson SP MIL
212 Donkey Teeth A. Reyes SP STL
213 Adam Aizer Z. Godley SP ARI
214 Zach Steinhorn R. Laureano CF OAK
215 Heath Cummings S. Newcomb SP ATL
216 Tim McLeod J. Bell 1B PIT
Round 19
Pos Team Player
217 Tim McLeod M. Semien SS OAK
218 Heath Cummings J. Bauers 1B CLE
219 Zach Steinhorn S. Greene RP DET
220 Adam Aizer H. Bader CF STL
221 Donkey Teeth Y. Moncada 2B CHW
222 Chris Towers P. Alonso 1B NYM
223 Scott White L. Voit 1B NYY
224 Clay Link B. Buxton CF MIN
225 Matt Williams C. Dickerson LF PIT
226 Brandon Myers R. Braun LF MIL
227 Phil Ponebshek N. Eovaldi SP BOS
228 Mike Kuchera K. Freeland SP COL
Round 20
Pos Team Player
229 Mike Kuchera H. Renfroe LF SD
230 Phil Ponebshek J. Musgrove SP PIT
231 Brandon Myers R. Chirinos C HOU
232 Matt Williams M. Soroka SP ATL
233 Clay Link E. Rodriguez SP BOS
234 Scott White J. Jeffress RP MIL
235 Chris Towers L. Urias 2B SD
236 Donkey Teeth F. Whitley SP HOU
237 Adam Aizer J. Smoak 1B TOR
238 Zach Steinhorn J. Bruce RF SEA
239 Heath Cummings P. DeJong SS STL
240 Tim McLeod J. Hicks RP STL
Round 21
Pos Team Player
241 Tim McLeod J. Schoop 2B MIN
242 Heath Cummings W. Peralta RP KC
243 Zach Steinhorn Y. Gomes C WAS
244 Adam Aizer M. Zunino C TB
245 Donkey Teeth B. Morrow RP CHC
246 Chris Towers A. Heaney SP LAA
247 Scott White F. Cervelli C PIT
248 Clay Link O. Narvaez C SEA
249 Matt Williams Y. Diaz 3B TB
250 Brandon Myers C. Rodon SP CHW
251 Phil Ponebshek J. Arrieta SP PHI
252 Mike Kuchera T. Skaggs SP LAA
Round 22
Pos Team Player
253 Mike Kuchera T. Buttrey RP LAA
254 Phil Ponebshek J. Soria RP OAK
255 Brandon Myers C. Allen RP CLE
256 Matt Williams P. Strop RP CHC
257 Clay Link E. Diaz C PIT
258 Scott White R. Stripling SP LAD
259 Chris Towers J. McNeil 2B NYM
260 Donkey Teeth J. Alfaro C PHI
261 Adam Aizer L. Giolito SP CHW
262 Zach Steinhorn J. Teheran SP ATL
263 Heath Cummings R. O'Hearn 1B KC
264 Tim McLeod I. Kiner-Falefa 3B TEX
Round 23
Pos Team Player
265 Tim McLeod T. Toussaint SP ATL
266 Heath Cummings B. McCann C ATL
267 Zach Steinhorn J. Lucchesi SP SD
268 Adam Aizer B. Gardner LF NYY
269 Donkey Teeth B. Belt 1B SF
270 Chris Towers D. Steckenrider RP MIA
271 Scott White T. Barnhart C CIN
272 Clay Link K. Tucker LF HOU
273 Matt Williams I. Happ CF CHC
274 Brandon Myers A. Hedges C SD
275 Phil Ponebshek C. Kelly C ARI
276 Mike Kuchera A. Barnes C LAD
Team by Team
Tim McLeod
Rd Pk Player
1 1 M. Trout CF LAA
2 24 J. Baez 2B CHC
3 25 F. Freeman 1B ATL
4 48 R. Hoskins LF PHI
5 49 A. Rendon 3B WAS
6 72 J. Taillon SP PIT
7 73 M. Conforto LF NYM
8 96 J. Berrios SP MIN
9 97 A. Rosario SS NYM
10 120 Y. Kikuchi P Unaffiliated
11 121 M. Mikolas SP STL
12 144 J. Leclerc RP TEX
13 145 N. Mazara RF TEX
14 168 J. Alvarado RP TB
15 169 R. Lopez SP CHW
16 192 D. Jansen C TOR
17 193 C. Mullins CF BAL
18 216 J. Bell 1B PIT
19 217 M. Semien SS OAK
20 240 J. Hicks RP STL
21 241 J. Schoop 2B MIN
22 264 I. Kiner-Falefa 3B TEX
23 265 T. Toussaint SP ATL
Heath Cummings
Rd Pk Player
1 2 M. Betts RF BOS
2 23 B. Snell SP TB
3 26 A. Benintendi LF BOS
4 47 C. Carrasco SP CLE
5 50 X. Bogaerts SS BOS
6 71 C. Kimbrel RP BOS
7 74 T. Shaw 3B MIL
8 95 W. Contreras C CHC
9 98 B. Hamilton CF KC
10 119 M. Brantley LF HOU
11 122 C. Archer SP PIT
12 143 K. Yates RP SD
13 146 M. Moustakas 3B MIL
14 167 B. Dozier 2B WAS
15 170 J. Martinez 1B STL
16 191 A. Miller RP STL
17 194 J. Luzardo SP OAK
18 215 S. Newcomb SP ATL
19 218 J. Bauers 1B CLE
20 239 P. DeJong SS STL
21 242 W. Peralta RP KC
22 263 R. O'Hearn 1B KC
23 266 B. McCann C ATL
Zach Steinhorn
Rd Pk Player
1 3 F. Lindor SS CLE
2 22 G. Stanton DH NYY
3 27 C. Kershaw SP LAD
4 46 G. Springer CF HOU
5 51 O. Albies 2B ATL
6 70 L. Cain CF MIL
7 75 K. Jansen RP LAD
8 94 R. Ray SP ARI
9 99 J. Aguilar 1B MIL
10 118 R. Iglesias RP CIN
11 123 T. Anderson SS CHW
12 142 D. Keuchel SP HOU
13 147 S. Piscotty RF OAK
14 166 J. Lester SP CHC
15 171 M. Sano 3B MIN
16 190 W. Castillo C CHW
17 195 K. Seager 3B SEA
18 214 R. Laureano CF OAK
19 219 S. Greene RP DET
20 238 J. Bruce RF SEA
21 243 Y. Gomes C WAS
22 262 J. Teheran SP ATL
23 267 J. Lucchesi SP SD
Adam Aizer
Rd Pk Player
1 4 J. Ramirez 3B CLE
2 21 C. Blackmon CF COL
3 28 L. Severino SP NYY
4 45 N. Syndergaard SP NYM
5 52 J. Votto 1B CIN
6 69 D. Gordon 2B SEA
7 76 J. Paxton SP NYY
8 93 S. Doolittle RP WAS
9 100 B. Hand RP CLE
10 117 A. Hicks CF NYY
11 124 D. Price SP BOS
12 141 B. Posey C SF
13 148 M. Cabrera 1B DET
14 165 E. Andrus SS TEX
15 172 J. Soler RF KC
16 189 D. Gregorius SS NYY
17 196 K. Maeda SP LAD
18 213 Z. Godley SP ARI
19 220 H. Bader CF STL
20 237 J. Smoak 1B TOR
21 244 M. Zunino C TB
22 261 L. Giolito SP CHW
23 268 B. Gardner LF NYY
Donkey Teeth
Rd Pk Player
1 5 R. Acuna LF ATL
2 20 J. Verlander SP HOU
3 29 V. Guerrero 3B TOR
4 44 T. Bauer SP CLE
5 53 C. Bellinger 1B LAD
6 68 V. Robles CF WAS
7 77 E. Jimenez LF CHW
8 92 D. Dahl LF COL
9 101 M. Haniger RF SEA
10 116 S. Ohtani DH LAA
11 125 M. Foltynewicz SP ATL
12 140 R. Odor 2B TEX
13 149 Y. Molina C STL
14 164 K. Giles RP TOR
15 173 G. Hampson SS COL
16 188 J. James SP HOU
17 197 S. Bieber SP CLE
18 212 A. Reyes SP STL
19 221 Y. Moncada 2B CHW
20 236 F. Whitley SP HOU
21 245 B. Morrow RP CHC
22 260 J. Alfaro C PHI
23 269 B. Belt 1B SF
Chris Towers
Rd Pk Player
1 6 M. Scherzer SP WAS
2 19 C. Kluber SP CLE
3 30 J. Soto LF WAS
4 43 M. Carpenter 1B STL
5 54 G. Sanchez C NYY
6 67 J. Segura SS PHI
7 78 T. Pham CF TB
8 91 N. Castellanos RF DET
9 102 N. Cruz DH MIN
10 115 M. Smith CF SEA
11 126 S. Perez C KC
12 139 R. Devers 3B BOS
13 150 G. Polanco RF PIT
14 163 C. Knebel RP MIL
15 174 A. Vizcaino RP ATL
16 187 R. Hill SP LAD
17 198 H. Ryu SP LAD
18 211 J. Nelson SP MIL
19 222 P. Alonso 1B NYM
20 235 L. Urias 2B SD
21 246 A. Heaney SP LAA
22 259 J. McNeil 2B NYM
23 270 D. Steckenrider RP MIA
Scott White
Rd Pk Player
1 7 N. Arenado 3B COL
2 18 J. deGrom SP NYM
3 31 T. Story SS COL
4 42 A. Mondesi SS KC
5 55 S. Gennett 2B CIN
6 66 Z. Greinke SP ARI
7 79 B. Treinen RP OAK
8 90 J. Gallo LF TEX
9 103 A. Pollock CF ARI
10 114 W. Myers LF SD
11 127 D. Peralta LF ARI
12 138 M. Olson 1B OAK
13 151 W. Davis RP COL
14 162 J. Happ SP NYY
15 175 J. Winker RF CIN
16 186 N. Markakis RF ATL
17 199 W. Smith RP SF
18 210 J. Quintana SP CHC
19 223 L. Voit 1B NYY
20 234 J. Jeffress RP MIL
21 247 F. Cervelli C PIT
22 258 R. Stripling SP LAD
23 271 T. Barnhart C CIN
Clay Link
Rd Pk Player
1 8 J. Martinez DH BOS
2 17 C. Yelich LF MIL
3 32 A. Nola SP PHI
4 41 W. Buehler SP LAD
5 56 M. Ozuna LF STL
6 65 G. Torres 2B NYY
7 80 J. Villar 2B BAL
8 89 G. Marquez SP COL
9 104 M. Andujar 3B NYY
10 113 M. Chapman 3B OAK
11 128 J. Hader RP MIL
12 137 L. Castillo SP CIN
13 152 K. Hendricks SP CHC
14 161 A. Meadows RF TB
15 176 A. Bradley RP ARI
16 185 S. Dominguez RP PHI
17 200 C. Hernandez 2B PHI
18 209 Y. Gurriel 1B HOU
19 224 B. Buxton CF MIN
20 233 E. Rodriguez SP BOS
21 248 O. Narvaez C SEA
22 257 E. Diaz C PIT
23 272 K. Tucker LF HOU
Matt Williams
Rd Pk Player
1 9 A. Bregman 3B HOU
2 16 C. Sale SP BOS
3 33 K. Bryant 3B CHC
4 40 S. Marte CF PIT
5 57 M. Clevinger SP CLE
6 64 C. Seager SS LAD
7 81 E. Rosario LF MIN
8 88 R. Osuna RP HOU
9 105 Z. Wheeler SP NYM
10 112 R. Cano 2B NYM
11 129 W. Ramos C NYM
12 136 Y. Grandal C MIL
13 153 B. Nimmo RF NYM
14 160 J. Gray SP COL
15 177 A. Ottavino RP COL
16 184 C. Santana 1B CLE
17 201 E. Escobar 3B ARI
18 208 N. Pivetta SP PHI
19 225 C. Dickerson LF PIT
20 232 M. Soroka SP ATL
21 249 Y. Diaz 3B TB
22 256 P. Strop RP CHC
23 273 I. Happ CF CHC
Brandon Myers
Rd Pk Player
1 10 T. Turner SS WAS
2 15 A. Judge RF NYY
3 34 W. Merrifield 2B KC
4 39 G. Cole SP HOU
5 58 S. Strasburg SP WAS
6 63 E. Suarez 3B CIN
7 82 J. Upton LF LAA
8 87 J. Flaherty SP STL
9 106 E. Encarnacion DH SEA
10 111 J. Peraza SS CIN
11 130 Y. Puig RF CIN
12 135 I. Desmond 1B COL
13 154 Y. Darvish SP CHC
14 159 E. Hosmer 1B SD
15 178 T. Glasnow RP TB
16 183 Z. Britton RP NYY
17 202 C. Cron DH MIN
18 207 A. Colome RP CHW
19 226 R. Braun LF MIL
20 231 R. Chirinos C HOU
21 250 C. Rodon SP CHW
22 255 C. Allen RP CLE
23 274 A. Hedges C SD
Phil Ponebshek
Rd Pk Player
1 11 J. Altuve 2B HOU
2 14 P. Goldschmidt 1B STL
3 35 C. Correa SS HOU
4 38 M. Bumgarner SP SF
5 59 J. Realmuto C MIA
6 62 J. Abreu 1B CHW
7 83 M. Muncy 1B LAD
8 86 C. Martinez SP STL
9 107 F. Vazquez RP PIT
10 110 A. McCutchen RF PHI
11 131 J. Profar SS OAK
12 134 C. Morton SP TB
13 155 N. Senzel 2B CIN
14 158 O. Herrera CF PHI
15 179 A. Eaton RF WAS
16 182 K. Schwarber LF CHC
17 203 R. Grichuk RF TOR
18 206 K. Gausman SP ATL
19 227 N. Eovaldi SP BOS
20 230 J. Musgrove SP PIT
21 251 J. Arrieta SP PHI
22 254 J. Soria RP OAK
23 275 C. Kelly C ARI
Mike Kuchera
Rd Pk Player
1 12 B. Harper RF WAS
2 13 M. Machado SS LAD
3 36 K. Davis DH OAK
4 37 A. Rizzo 1B CHC
5 60 P. Corbin SP WAS
6 61 E. Diaz RP NYM
7 84 A. Chapman RP NYY
8 85 J. Turner 3B LAD
9 108 J. Donaldson 3B ATL
10 109 D. Murphy 2B COL
11 132 D. LeMahieu 2B NYY
12 133 M. Tanaka SP NYY
13 156 C. Hamels SP CHC
14 157 R. Porcello SP BOS
15 180 F. Mejia C SD
16 181 S. Choo DH TEX
17 204 F. Reyes RF SD
18 205 E. Inciarte CF ATL
19 228 K. Freeland SP COL
20 229 H. Renfroe LF SD
21 252 T. Skaggs SP LAA
22 253 T. Buttrey RP LAA
23 276 A. Barnes C LAD
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