Fantasy Baseball: Prospect call up Gavin Lux could make Bo Bichette-like impact for Dodgers

Get ready to see this swing in a major-league lineup:

Not convinced? Well, what if I told you the numbers that came from it were a .347 batting average, 26 home runs and a 1.028 OPS?

But wait, that's only half the story. Gavin Lux was regarded as a top prospect during his half-season spent at Double-A Tulsa, yes, but it wasn't until he advanced to Triple-A Oklahoma City that he became the source of an obsession normally reserved for the upper, upper echelon.

Numbers like these will do that:

LAD L.A. Dodgers • #48 • Age: 21
49 games at Triple-A

Yeah, Oklahoma City is in the Pacific Coast League, which is notoriously hitter-friendly, and the juiced balls this year have only introduced a new level of absurdity to it. But no matter the contributing environmental factors, no one else was doing that. I mean, even the plate discipline went to another level.

And that's all the information you should need to get excited about reports of the 21-year-old's impending arrival with September roster expansion Sunday. But just for good measure, here's something else to consider ...

The Dodgers should have every incentive to play him.

No, he wasn't in the lineup Sunday — afternoon game and all — but playing time was at the crux of the will-they-or-won't-they saga that we've seen play out over the past month. More specifically, it boiled down to whether the need for another potential impact bat was great enough for the Dodgers to put themselves in a position where they'd likely be forfeiting a year of team control. And for a team that lost the past two World Series and is a clear favorite to go back this year, my contention was always, "No doy."

And then Max Muncy broke his wrist.

It's not a significant fracture. It might only require a minimal IL stint. But when the primary second baseman goes down, it puts to rest the "but where would we play him?" argument for the prospect being groomed to play second base.

Fact is the Dodgers always had a place to play Lux, especially with Joc Pederson seemingly falling out of favor. Cody Bellinger can move to the outfield full-time, Max Muncy to first base, and boom, Lux and Corey Seager are turning double plays until the end of time. Hopefully, those days have officially arrived. Now that the Dodgers have committed to bringing Lux aboard, they owe it to themselves to find out whether he can be the piece that gets them over the hump this October.

And I think he could be. That lightning-quick bat. Those crazy numbers. Comments like this one from president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman:

"He has a real maturity in the batter's box I don't think I've ever seen from someone that age," Friedman recently told the Los Angeles Times. "It allows him to make in-game adjustments, and, boy, has it been really impressive."    

It all adds up to me believing Lux will be an immediate and considerable success. And if you've been kicking yourself for missing out on Bo Bichette, Lux presents you with a second chance to make good. Regardless if you need a shortstop or second baseman, you could use another big bat.

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