We use Slack to communicate internally, and now we're going to use it to communicate with you guys. Every other Wednesday through the season, we're going to have Scott White and Heath Cummings discuss (and maybe debate, a little) their rankings. We're talking about the biggest movers after the first two weeks of the season. Here is the full (lightly edited) transcript of our chat:

chris.towers: Okay!

We're almost exactly two weeks into the season, which is... Really not very much time at all. Let's start with a generic question: How much of your opinion about any given player is based on what you've seen so far this season, and vs. what you thought before the season?

heath.cummings: On average? I'd say it's 90% what I thought before the season. But there are certainly guys who have changed my mind more than that.

scott.white: "Little" I guess is the easy answer, but to a degree it depends how firm my opinion was to begin with, because particularly outside of the top 30 in the outfield and top 40 at starting pitcher, there was always plenty of malleability.

chris.towers: I'd like to get into some of those players who have moved up and down, and we'll start with what I can only assume is the biggest mover for both of you: Shohei Ohtani.

I know both of you had your doubts about him both before spring training and then specifically after. How much has he moved up for you?

scott.white: He's in my top 15 at starting pitcher now, ahead of both Robbie Ray and Chris Archer. As dominant as he has looked in that role – and it goes beyond just the performance, which is impressive in its own right – I feel like his innings limitation isn't any more of a flaw than what either of those guys have. He'll be an ace on a per-start basis, and if he's limited to making only one start each week, oh well.

heath.cummings: I moved him up to No. 31 at SP, which is probably where most had him to begin with. He's had a very good start. I doubt he's this dominant moving forward, and he has to be with his innings limitation.

I'll move him up again if he Ks a bunch of Royals in his next start; They've been one of the hardest teams in baseball to strikeout this year.

scott.white: Do you have a specific concern performance-wise?

heath.cummings: I don't think concern is the right word. I don't see anything that suggests he might be bad. I just don't think he's 12.5 K/9 1/3 BB/9 2.08 ERA good

scott.white: Not unfair. Of course, he'd be in the top five if he was.

chris.towers: Nobody is.

Well, Clayton Kershaw is.

heath.cummings: And if he's 10.0 K/9 2.0 BB/9 3.00 ERA over 150 innings, I'm not sure that's top 20

chris.towers: But, for example, you have him behind: Blake Snell, Sonny Gray, Kyle Hendricks, Lance McCullers, Alex Wood, Madison Bumgarner in H2H points... You think he'll throw more innings than Bumgarner, right? Are you sure he's even worse than Bumgarner?

scott.white: I mean, all of those guys have comparable workload concerns, right?

Maybe not Bumgarner from the point he's healthy again.

chris.towers: Right... The Yankees and Cubs never seem to let Gray or Hendricks throw past the sixth inning... Wood's had a variety of shoulder injuries... McCullers has elbow concerns... Snell might be the safest of that bunch. Which... yikes.

And it's not like any of them (save maybe Bumgarner?) has significantly more upside, right?

heath.cummings: I would expect Bumgarner is better than Ohtani once he's back. And yes, they all have similar workload concerns. But I think it's far more likely that Gray, Hendricks reach 180 innings than than Ohtani

chris.towers: I think Bumgarner > Ohtani on a per-inning basis makes sense. I'd expect Ohtani to throw more innings than Bumgarner from this point on. And get a lot more strikeouts. I think he's more of a top-20 guy, I'm with Scott.

Scott, who is the player you've had to move down the most - without taking into account injuries?

scott.white: I've been reluctant to move Ian Happ totally out of the mixed-league range, but we're close to that. He's playing only about half the time – and striking out just as much as he did a year ago, so it's not like he's pushing for more. It's not at all how it looked in spring training.

chris.towers: For the record, he's striking out way more than he did last year. It's been ugly.

He's such a tough player to figure out, because who he was in the minors – decent power, decent contact, but nothing extreme one way or the other – has been completely different than who he has been in the majors. He's been one of the most strikeout-prone hitters in baseball, with a ton of pop. It makes it hard to judge him.

scott.white: And he's paired with the toughest manager to figure out, at least in how he employs his lineup on a day-to-day basis. I don't doubt Happ will have stretches when he plays more and performs better – probably even wind up with 20 to 25 home runs. But in today's climate, I'm not sure it's enough without the consistent playing time.

chris.towers: Given what we've seen from him in the majors, isn't he Javier Baez with more walks? Especially in this role?

Heath, you were the Ian Happ Guy (TM) before the season: Have you moved him down? How worried are you right now?  

heath.cummings: I have moved him down, but I'm not ready to drop him yet. Happ has been extraordinarily bad at the plate and there's nothing to give you hope – other than his success last season. I'm not even sure I'd be that surprised by a demotion if this continues. That might be what it takes for me to drop him though.

scott.white: I think the Baez comparison is about right... more walks and more strikeouts. We've never been terribly high on Baez here.

Well, not since his prospect days, anyway.

chris.towers: I'm starting to think the Cubs' leadoff spot is baseball's version of the Defense Against The Dark Arts position at Hogwarts*. Happ's start to the season has been remarkably similar to Kyle Schwarber's last season.

*Please do not judge me too harshly for that incredibly nerdy reference.

Okay guys, give me one guy you've moved up besides Ohtani, and one guy you really want to move up, but can't quite justify – yet.

heath.cummings: Joey Lucchesi has probably been the biggest riser, just because he started at NR. I'm not 100 percent sold on his upside, but he's off to a very encouraging start

scott.white: Tim Anderson has made a huge leap up my Rotisserie rankings, which apply for any categories format, really. He's looking like an elite base-stealer who wasn't valued as one on Draft Day, going 6 for 6 in that category so far after stealing nine bases in September a year ago. Will hit some homers, too, but I still worry about the plate discipline for points-league purposes. So for points leagues... I'll say Gerrit Cole. The Astros apply data in magical ways for pitchers.

chris.towers: "Throw your better pitches more" shouldn't be magic, and yet *gestures wildly at Kevin Gausman's splitter usage*

scott.white: As for who I'd like to move up more, I'm going with Patrick Corbin, who I've certainly moved up some. He's another guy throwing his best pitch, the slider, more, but that was true most of last year, too, and he wasn't the stud he has been so far this year. He seems to have better command of it this time around, though, possibly from all the reps he got, and I wouldn't be surprised if he takes a colossal leap forward because of it.

heath.cummings: Jeurys Familia should probably be in my top 8 closers (he has 6 saves already) but I can't shake questions about his health and how good the Mets really are.

chris.towers: I will point this out about Corbin...

ERA by month in 2017:

April: 2.29
May: 9.00
June: 3.99
July: 3.10
August: 2.52
September: 4.70

He was pretty good already

scott.white: But those strikeouts... wow.

heath.cummings: Months are just artificial constructs

chris.towers: Yeah, he's doing a really impressive Lance McCullers impersonation.

Alright, before we finish up, how about two players for each of you who are in danger of suffering a big drop. In other words: Put some players on warning.

heath.cummings: Marcus Stroman for sure, and most people think I'm already too low on him. He's finally get strikeouts (and ALL of the walks)!

scott.white: Marwin Gonzalez: I wanted to believe because you're just so handy, and you're still walking a ton to begin the season. But you were also one of the breakthroughs last year that no one saw coming, and my patience only goes so far. Plus, the Astros have options.

I don't know why I addressed it directly to him.

chris.towers: I like it. He's on notice!

heath.cummings: Also Byron Buxton. I'm sure a hot streak is coming. We all know it. But I'm not waiting until July for it to happen.

scott.white: Buxton is a good one.

chris.towers: My question with Buxton: Will that hot streak coincide with a move up the batting order? Batting 8th is gross.

Scott, let's get one more!

scott.white: Also, Domingo Santana. Bad contact skills, crowded outfield picture, only one extra-base hit so far.

chris.towers: Alright, fellas. Thanks for the time. Domingo, Byron, Marwin, Marcus... You're on notice! Shohei: We love you. Well, Scott and I do. You have more work to do to melt Heath's icy heart.

Until next time!