Fantasy Baseball Today Podcast: Stop doubting these guys? Weekend standouts and waiver adds

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Scott White has a stubborn streak, so changing his mind can be a challenge. On Monday's Fantasy Baseball Today Podcast, Heath Cummings tries to get White to admit he's giving in on Carlos Rodon, Joc Pederson and Tim Anderson, three younger veterans whose past inconsistencies limited their Fantasy demand coming into this season.

But Rodon, 26, is off to an impressive 3-2 start with the rebuilding White Sox, sporting a 2.89 ERA and 1.107 WHIP plus 35 strikeouts in 28 innings. His teammate, Anderson, 25, has been even hotter, hitting .418 with a 1.085 OPS, four home runs and nine stolen bases. Pederson, 27, has mashed 10 home runs in only 74 at-bats and has an 1.105 OPS -- if not yet the guarantee of a full-time lineup spot with the Dodgers.

"I feel about Tim Anderson the way I always have, so I guess that would be doubt ... If he hits in the high .200s, OK, but he doesn't really have the track record for that. I'm not really changing my tune on him.

"And Joc Pederson, I didn't have any doubts against him when he's facing right-handed pitchers," White said.

"Well, we've only got one name left, and it's the one I'd like you to change your mind on the most," Cummings said. "It's Carlos Rodon ... The walks are still a bit of a problem, but other than those he's been fantastic."

"Yeah, he has," White conceded. "I think he's must-own. I'm not totally convinced this is the big breakout, but there's enough evidence of it."

We also break down everything from the weekend's games, including injury replacements and most-added players you need to know about. 

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