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We've been admonished not to play Fantasy scared, but there's still plenty of room to worry, especially on Worryometer day. Or as host Adam Aizer bastardized it for Thursday's Fantasy Baseball Today Podcast: Thirryometer.

"Who's Thirried?" Aizer asked.

"That's not a word," Heath Cummings said.

Well, no, not in the wider world, but the way the third-base group of Kris Bryant, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Eugenio Suarez plus outfielder Bryce Harper have been going, it might work.

Cummings and Scott White agreed there is growing room for worry about Bryant, a first-round talent in Fantasy after his 2016 NL MVP season. Since then, however, there has been significant slippage, especially in a .225 start to this season, which shrinks his once-proud OPS to .767.

"I think he's going to be OK, but I'm getting a little concerned," Cummings said.

"He's building a little bit of a history in underachieving in this way, and that has me concerned." White said.

Bryant might be more worried than anyone if he ever plans to score a contract anything like his Las Vegas area friend Harper, who's quickly earning some boos along with his millions in Philly.

Check out what the crew had to say about Harper and the rest of the worry candidates.

Then they talked about Nick Senzel (25:10) and some other recent call-ups,bullpen updates (34:10) with Ian Kennedy and Ty Buttrey worth discussing. Also, The Good (39:00), The Bad (45:40) and The Ugly (49:30) pitching performances. Are we concerned about Blake Snell? Is Jon Lester legit? Should you drop Carlos Rodon? Plus quick thoughts on Danny Santana and Christian Vazquez (53:00) . And no, don't  even compare Foreigner to Aerosmith, OK?

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