Fantasy Feud: Focus on the last 21 days

I don't know about you, but June 19-July 9 are my favorite 21 days of baseball season.

Which should have made me a lock to win Thursday's Fantasy Feud. It focused on the last 21 days, which is kind of an arbitrary time period but really the perfect length to demonstrate extended streaks, whether hot or cold.

Yeah, it should have made me a lock. But you know that guy who just lives and breathes March Madness -- the one who can name the sixth man of schools you've never heard of and actually explain his picks without ever once referring to seeding, but then when push comes to shove, his bracket ranks at the bottom of the pack? Of course you do. We all do.

Enthusiasm only carries you so far.

Who would you say has more RBI in the last 21 days: Anthony Rizzo or Kevin Kiermaier?

Who would you say has the lower WHIP in the last 21 days: Tim Lincecum or Jesse Hahn?

Who would you say has more runs scored in the last 21 days: Steve Pearce or Chris Coghlan?

These questions come up, though indirectly, over the course of the game. Play along and see if you can beat Al Melchior ... since I couldn't.

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