Fantasy Quiz: The holidays and interleague edition

It's time, once again, to get in touch with our inner nerd and take the Fantasy Quiz! We'll do this the same way as last week: 15 questions of varying difficulty, with four bonus pop culture questions just to keep your brain in touch with the real world.

Take a deep breath, cover up your answers so friends and co-workers can't cheat, and let's get to the quizzing! (All stats are through games played on Wednesday, June 20):

1. Players born on which holiday have produced the most combined All-Star Game appearances?:

a. Halloween (October 31)
b. Independence Day (July 4)
c. Christmas Day (December 25)
d. Valentine's Day (February 14)
e. Boxing Day (December 26)

2. In standard points leagues, which shortstop has the most points (217) so far this season?:

a. Starlin Castro
b. Elvis Andrus
c. Jose Reyes
d. Derek Jeter

3. Of the top 25 batters and the top 25 pitchers, which group has the higher average number (256.26) of Fantasy points so far this season?:

a. Batters
b. Pitchers
c. It's a tie!

4. How many pitchers age 35 or over have five or more saves this season?:

a. Two
b. Four
c. Five
d. Seven

5. How many pitchers age 25 or younger have five or more saves this season?:

a. Two
b. Four
c. Five
d. Seven

Bonus Pop Culture Question #1: Which Monty Python member provided the voice of Wreck-gar in 1986's Transformers: The Movie?

a. John Cleese
b. Terry Jones
c. Eric Idle
d. Terry Gilliam

6. Which player has the most home runs from the leadoff spot (eight) this season?:

a. Ian Kinsler
b. Derek Jeter
c. Mike Aviles
d. Ian Desmond

7. Which player has the most home runs from the ninth spot (five) in the batting order this season?:

a. Mitch Moreland
b. Russell Martin
c. Dexter Fowler
d. Scott Rolen

Random interesting bit of trivia that can't be asked in the quiz, because it would be too quickly smoked out as a trick question: Josh Willingham is owned in more leagues than Stephen Strasburg (99 percent to 98 percent)

8. Who has more Fantasy points this season?:

a. Curtis Granderson
b. Zack Greinke

9.: Over the last 21 days, one team has placed all five of its starters in the top 30 for Fantasy points scored among pitchers. That team is the:

a. San Francisco Giants
b. New York Mets
c. Washington Nationals
d. New York Yankees

Bonus Pop Culture Question #2: Who was the host of MTV's Remote Control?:

a. Ken Ober
b. Colin Quinn
c. Denis Leary
d. Kurt Loder

10. Of all the players with 30 or more at-bats in day games, who has the highest (1.406) OPS?:

a. Carlos Quentin
b. Paul Konerko
c. Joey Votto
d. Allen Craig

11. Of the teams below, which has scored the most runs (83) so far in June?:

a. Texas Rangers
b. Tampa Bay Rays
c. Pittsburgh Pirates
d. Colorado Rockies

Bonus Pop Culture Question #3: Who is the only elected official in McDonaldland?:

a. Governor Goodstuff
b. Mayor McCheese
c. President Fry
d. Burgermeister Meisterburger

12. Which National League team has hit the most home runs (20) against American League opponents so far this season?:

a. Milwaukee Brewers
b. Arizona Diamondbacks
c. Colorado Rockies
d. Philadelphia Phillies

13. Which Ian has more Fantasy points this season?:

a. Ian Kennedy
b. Ian Desmond

14. Which A.J. has more Fantasy points this season?:

a. A.J. Pierzynski
b. A.J. Burnett

15. Which Felix has more Fantasy points this season?:

a. Felix Hernandez
b. Felix Doubront

Bonus Pop Culture Question #4: Which of the following is not a character in Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. video game?:

a. Goomba
b. Koopa Troopa
c. Occa Pinti
d. Buzzy Beetle

How'd you do? Check your answers below, and post your results in the comments section for the world to gaze upon and see. You can also post your answers on Twitter . The winner gets a Very Special reward: the admiration and respect of your fellow readers:

1. C (Players born on Christmas Day have 42 All-Star Game appearances. Boxing Day has 31, Halloween has 18, Valentine's Day has five, and July 4 has produced three)
2. B
3. B
4. D ( Fernando Rodney , Joe Nathan , J.J. Putz , Rafael Betancourt , Scott Downs , Mariano Rivera , Brian Fuentes
5. C ( Craig Kimbrel , Kenley Jansen , Henry Rodriguez , Aroldis Chapman , Addison Reed
6. C
7. A
8. B (Greinke has 238.5, Granderson has 232)
9. D ( Ivan Nova is 15th with 83.5, CC Sabathia (16th; 82.5), Phil Hughes (20th; 77), Hiroki Kuroda (24th; 73.5), Andy Pettitte (29th, 66)
10. D
11. C
12. A
13. B (Desmond has 191, Kennedy has 174.5)
14. A (Pierzynski has 185.5, Burnett has 182)
15. B (Doubront has 197.5, Hernandez has 190.5)

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