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Baths are gross, there I said it. I guess if you take a shower before or after then it's OK, but nobody does that. What does this have to do with anything? I took a bath last night in DFS. An 0-fer if you will.

I can sympathize with David Price, I don't like the cold either. It's one of the reasons I moved to Florida. Price had no feel Wednesday night, no breaking stuff and no chance against the Yankees. Of course, if you started him you didn't have a chance either.

I saw a lot of tilting and moaning on Twitter about Price, with some people touting their decision not to play Price and others bemoaning the two previous crowds. I try not to tilt over baseball, because it's baseball. I also try not to complain if others do. It is what it is. I picked Price. Price sucked. I lost money. Onward.

As if Price's outing wasn't bad enough, on Thursday we have a split slate. Eight day games and four night games, but the larger prizes are at night. So, I'll do my best to cover both but the afternoon article will be solely about the short night slate.

Vegas Says

Max Scherzer, Nationals ($11,000) vs. Cardinals: Today is a strange day for pitching, so strange that I'm taking the most expensive pitcher even though he doesn't have a great matchup. Scherzer has just been so good this year in every imaginable way it's really difficult to fade him at any cost. The only real concern here is that Scherzer doesn't get help from his offense (or defense).

Jeff Locke, Pirates ($7,200) vs. Cubs: If you're going to go cheap at pitcher during the day slate I don't really see an option outside of Jeff Locke. The 27 year-old has dominated the Brewers twice this season and has cracked 10 Fantasy points in both of his starts. I see Locke as a tournament play only because of the high variance of this Cubs offense. The nice thing about Locke is he allows you to stack that Padres/Rockies game.

Chris Sale, White Sox ($10,200) at Royals: Again, on a normal day I wouldn't like choosing a pitcher over $10,000 against a pitcher like Ventura, but this is far from a normal slate. Sale's upside is 20 points against an offense that just got shut out by Mike Pelfrey. With 10-plus strikeout potential in a good ballpark, Sale is the clear play here.

Top stacks

Reds at Kyle Lohse, Brewers: Lohse is a guy I've thought for several years was pitching over his head. Eventually I decided he must just be good, but it looks like the magic has worn off. To be clear, I like the Padres and Rockies plenty, but those stacks are so expensive and there aren't a lot of great cheap pitching options Thursday.

Top Reds vs. RHP: Joey Votto ($4,800), Todd Frazier ($3,800), Jay Bruce ($3,500)

Padres vs. Jordan Lyles, Rockies: As I said above, the Padres are really expensive and Lyles has been the Rockies' best pitcher so far this year. All that being said, the Padres are still the most likely team to put up 6-plus runs. Realistically, the only way you're going to afford this stack is if you drop down to a starter like Michael Wacha or Locke.

Top Padres vs. RHP: Matt Kemp ($4,700), Justin Upton ($4,400), Yonder Alonso ($3,200)

Blue Jays vs. Chris Tillman, Orioles: On a short slate I'd anticipate a heavy dose of Blue Jays stacks, especially since most are going to avoid Royals and White Sox. This is one of those situations where I really don't care. Tillman is a fly ball pitcher in Rogers Centre that and is off to a rough start. Want to be different? Stack cheap Blue Jays.

Top Blue Jays vs. RHP: Edwin Encarnacion ($4,300), Jose Reyes ($3,700), Russell Martin ($3,300)

Bombs away

1. Joey Votto ($4,800) vs. Kyle Lohse

2. Mike Trout ($5,700) vs. Jesse Chavez

3. Edwin Encarnacion ($4,300) vs. Chris Tillman

4. Giancarlo Stanton ($5,000) vs. Dustin McGowan

5. Buster Posey ($4,000) vs. Mike Bolsinger

Bargain buys

1. Andrelton Simmons ($2,600) vs. Bartolo Colon

2. Asdrubal Cabrera ($2,400) vs. Clay Buchholz

3. Ben Revere ($2,800) vs. David Phelps