Khris Davis is my nightmare!

There comes a time every year when I say something about a player that I just can't take back. And in trying to take it back, I only seem to make things worse.

It's like retracting it draws more attention to it, which requires further explanation, which draws even more attention it so that the player invariably comes to represent my futility.

This year, that player is Khris Davis.

It's a shame because I think I was one of the first to hype him as a sleeper, scooping him up as a potentially cheap keeper in several leagues late last year. And then when the Brewers traded Norichika Aoki to clear a spot for him this offseason, it only bolstered my enthusiasm.

But then the season started, and after six weeks, he looked positively overmatched with a strikeout-to-walk ratio that normally earns a player a one-way ticket back to the minors. There comes a point for every player when enough is enough, and for one like Davis, with no real track record and a limited pedigree, six weeks seemed like enough.

I'll let the video speak for itself and not rehash everything here, but the gist of it is that taking too firm of a stance on a player is generally the wrong way to go. It's required of me as an analyst, but not necessarily as an owner. Just because I may have seen reason to drop Davis before doesn't mean I can't pick him up now. For a player with all he has going for him, any sign of progress could be the sign of a turnaround, so you have to keep an open mind.

Play the guessing game with a player, constantly going all-in or all-out based on the latest trends, and you'll probably lose because the truth is we just don't know much about what's going to happen in the future.

Because it's never happened before, you see.

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