Late-season strategy session

We do a lot of player evaluation on Fantasy Baseball Today. It just slides so easily into the day-to-day format. Some players do better than the day before; others do worse. We discuss. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So when we take the time to discuss strategy, as we did for a segment Monday, it's a welcome break from the cycle.

The strategies in this video are specifically intended for this time of year, with the season winding down and the focus shifting from the short-term to the long-term, so be careful not to take them out of context. For example, while dropping a scuffling and perhaps not completely healthy Alex Rios in mid-April would be laughably short-sighted, like handing one of your most prized assets to the competition, if he's what's keeping you from picking up a hot-hand player like Norichika Aoki, it might be what keeps you alive.

Surivival is the name of the game now, by any means possible. As I discussed last week, not even potential DL stashes are safe.

Senior Fantasy Writer

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