Kelenic probably won't debut in the majors this season, Lauren Smith of The News Tribune reports. "He's gong to be fun to watch in a Mariner uniform for a long time, but oftentimes you see players that do get rushed through a little bit, and they can really take a step backwards, and we don't want to do that with Jarred," manager Scott Servais said last week. "We want to make sure the time is right for him and for us, and then go forward and never have to look back again."

This has been the Mariners' refrain all through camp, despite the fact that Kelenic might already be the team's best hitter. It's hard to defend this stance if the goal is to win games and if playing time is a meritocracy. As a non-contender, the Mariners are not in a hurry to start Kelenic's clock, and they would also like to give as many reps to Kyle Lewis and Jake Fraley as they can this season so that they can figure out who profiles as part of their long-term outfield next to Kelenic and Julio Rodriguez. It would be unwise to take what the team is saying as gospel, but drafting Kelenic in redraft leagues is simply a shot in the dark at this point.

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