Name that player: A look at the last 21 days

Al Melchior and I spend virtually every hour of every day pouring over numbers, but when it comes to matching them up with the players they belong to (as opposed to the other way around), we're as lost as everyone else.

Good thing Adam Aizer mixes in his little hints to make it easier.

I'm talking, of course, about Name That Player. It's one of the many wild card segments we work into the mix on Fantasy Baseball Today. In terms of fun factor, in ranks right up there with Fantasy Feud in my eyes. And it may open yours to some changes in production that would otherwise be lost in the year-to-date numbers. 

Or at least remind you of Jack Black's filmography.

Senior Fantasy Writer

Raised in Atlanta by a board game-loving family during the dawn of the '90s Braves dynasty, Scott White was easy prey for the Fantasy Sports, in particular Fantasy Baseball, and has devoted his adulthood... Full Bio

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