Drew says the vertigo-like symptoms he dealt with last year fully ceased in the offseason, The Washington Post reports. "It took a while to come over that," Drew said. "It was hard to describe. When I got that sick, it's just kind of a freak thing, I don't really know. There's nothing to say like 'Oh, it's this, this, this.' I had no idea. So it's passed and hopefully it won't come back on me."

The 33-year-old played in just 70 games last season, his lowest total since he was a rookie in 2006, but Drew also posted the highest SLG of his career when he was on the field. Given that no official diagnosis for what was causing the symptoms was released, it's tough to completely dismiss the possibility of a relapse, but if Drew does stay healthy in 2017, his role as the primary utility infielder on a team with some aging and injury-prone starters could afford him more playing time than you might think, and some value in deep NL-only leagues.

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