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Will a move away from Tampa hurt David Price? (USATSI)
Will a move away from Tampa hurt David Price? (USATSI)

The real-life trade deadline can have a significant impact on Fantasy leagues. Players who get dealt in real life can suddenly turn into Fantasy studs or duds based on their new surroundings. With that in mind, lets take a look at some players who could change teams in the next few days.

Joaquin Benoit , RP, San Diego Padres

Benoit just saw his value shoot up with the trade of Huston Street . That honeymoon may be short-lived, though. Benoit is rumored to also be on the block, and there's no telling whether he'll stick as a closer if he gets dealt. Those types of situations are never clear initially (see Joakim Soria vs Joe Nathan ). Benoit may ultimately go to a team where he's the best option in the ninth, but it's unclear if his new club will actually install him there. 

David Price , SP, Tampa Bay Rays

Moving to a better team should give Price the opportunity to win more, which is always a good thing in Fantasy. A possible change in parks could impact his numbers, though. Tropicana Field plays pretty pitcher friendly, so there's a chance Price will move to a park that supports offense more. Price is an elite starter either way, and would likely be successful no matter where he pitched, but it's something to keep in mind if he gets moved. 

Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee , SPs, Philadelphia Phillies

Getting either guy out of Citizens Bank Park is a good thing. Even if they move to an equally strong hitter's park, both players have shown the ability to perform in small parks. A move to a better team could benefit both players.

Dayan Viciedo , OF, Chicago White Sox

Moving away from U.S. Cellular Field would be a bad thing. Viciedo's Fantasy value is tenuous at best, so a move to any park that depresses offense could make him a drop candidate. 

Taijuan Walker , SP, Seattle Mariners

If the Mariners are going to make a blockbuster move, Walker would probably be the centerpiece. Moving away from Safeco hurts, but getting consistent starts would likely help. Also, Walker's value would increase in the National League. 

John Danks , SP, White Sox

A move to a larger park would certainly help Danks. Home runs have been a big problem for Danks post-shoulder issue, and U.S. Cellular Field is one of the worst places for him to pitch. If he were to move to the National League, or to a big ballpark, he could see his value jump slightly.

Alex Rios , OF, Texas Rangers

This one is tough. Rios' current ballpark plays friendly to offense, but Rios has shifted to more of a doubles hitter this season. A move to a larger ballpark may not impact him as much as other players since he hasn't relied on power much this season. His value should stay even with a deal.

Bartolo Colon , SP, New York Mets

Colon has wisely pitched in two big ballparks the last two years. While that's not the main reason for his resurgence, it's played a role. A move to a bandbox would certainly lower his value. Colon's been an extreme fly ball guy this year, so Fantasy owners want him to stay in a large park. 

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