Rangers' Joey Gallo: Needs improvement with two strikes

Manager Jeff Banister believes Gallo will become a better two-strike hitter as he accumulates more plate appearances, Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reports. Gallo is slashing .090/.222/.201 with two strikes. "As he becomes a better hitter, as he uses his hands better, he's going to be a better two-strike hitter," Banister said Thursday. "I've seen some improvement in the overall approach. He can shorten the swing a little at two strikes and, he's so strong, he can still do pretty good damage."

Gallo is last among hitters with at least 300 plate appearances in two-strike counts. It's in that situation where he could most improve upon his low-.200s batting average, potentially adding substantial fantasy value to his resume, though a counter-argument is that he might lose some power by changing his approach with two strikes. The Rangers believe understanding the difference between defensive swings and swinging for contact could make a huge difference for Gallo in the long run, however.

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