Rangers' Kyle Gibson: Preparing at home

Gibson is throwing at home in a 70-foot long shed with an artificial mound in his backyard in Missouri during the delay for major league baseball, Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reports.

Gibson throws 40 to 50 pitches into a net, resting after about every set of 15 throws in order to simulate a three-inning outing. His six-year-old daughter holds an iPad hooked to a Rapsodo pitch monitor to determine balls and strikes. "I'm trying to mimic [spring training] as much as possible," Gibson said. "I figure we are going to have three or four starts to get ready. If you don't keep up your strength and endurance, you aren't going to be where you need to be when we get back." Last season, Gibson was stricken with ulcerative colitis, an auto-immune disease that puts him at an elevated risk for COVID-19 infection, although doctors told the right-hander there is no definitive evidence that he's at any higher risk for the disease's most serious manifestations.

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