Sounds of the draft room

"My team sucks. That Rios pick was stuuuupid!"

"We all screwed up by letting you get Everth there."

"Don't do it, Igor. Don't do it, Igor! GAHHHH, IGOR!"

"Adam ... I hate myself."

*Pounds fist* "I keep forgetting about Pineda!"

"Does anybody like their team at this point?"

Those are just a few of the outbursts from our 12-team mixed Head-to-Head draft Wednesday, which was as agonizing as any of us have endured over the last six weeks. Between all of us just getting better at navigating this year's player pool, creating a more even distribution of talent than some of us are used to, and what I'm calling "drafter's fatigue" -- after a couple dozen, you want to just shut your brain down and react ... but you can't -- we were a little on edge.

We'll break down the whole thing on Fantasy Baseball Today ... today. Tune at 12 p.m. ET in to see what prompted those reactions. 

Senior Fantasy Writer

Raised in Atlanta by a board game-loving family during the dawn of the '90s Braves dynasty, Scott White was easy prey for the Fantasy Sports, in particular Fantasy Baseball, and has devoted his adulthood... Full Bio

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