The DL players most worth stashing

With the news CC Sabathia won't return until at least July, Adam Aizer suggested on Monday's Fantasy Baseball Today that the Yankees left-hander might not be the best use of a DL slot, and I agreed, knowing all the players with red crosses next to their names on some of my Fantasy teams.

But it got me thinking of that blog post I contributed a couple weeks ago ranking the most stashable players currently on the DL. Enough has changed since then that it might be worth revisiting, especially with someone like Sabathia potentially getting the squeeze.

Is Bryce Harper, who has more than six weeks to go, more deserving than Kole Calhoun, whose return is imminent? Is Taijuan Walker still even worth the trouble? These are the questions that define us.

  1. Chris Sale, SP, White Sox
  2. Jose Abreu, 1B, White Sox
  3. Jason Kipnis, 2B, Indians
  4. Jay Bruce, OF, Reds
  5. Bryce Harper, OF, Nationals
  6. Gio Gonzalez, SP, Nationals
  7. Alex Cobb, SP, Rays
  8. Ryan Zimmermann, 3B, Nationals
  9. Ben Zobrist, 2B/SS/OF, Rays
  10. Mat Latos, SP, Reds
  11. Mark Trumbo, 1B/OF, Diamondbacks
  12. Josh Hamilton, OF, Angels
  13. Michael Cuddyer, 1B/OF, Rockies
  14. Jason Grilli, RP, Pirates
  15. Hyun-Jin Ryu, SP, Dodgers
  16. Andrew Cashner, SP, Padres
  17. Brandon Belt, 1B, Giants
  18. Matt Wieters, C, Orioles
  19. Michael Pineda, SP, Yankees
  20. James Paxton, SP, Mariners
  21. Taijuan Walker, SP, Mariners
  22. Carlos Beltran, OF, Yankees
  23. Aramis Ramirez, 3B, Brewers
  24. Adam LaRoche, 1B, Nationals
  25. Kole Calhoun, OF, Angels
  26. Jason Motte, RP, Cardinals
  27. Dillon Gee, SP, Mets
  28. Jurickson Profar, 2B, Rangers
  29. Colby Rasmus, OF, Blue Jays
  30. CC Sabathia, SP, Yankees

As you can see, Harper is well more deserving Calhoun, who himself is about as deserving as Walker. And Sabathia? Hey, he squeaked by, but facing a lengthy layoff and uncertain production whenever he returns, he's not beyond dropping in standard mixed leagues, especially if you'd be forced to stash him in a bench slot.

Wieters is an interesting case given the indefinite timetable that could lead to season-ending surgery, but in a league shallow enough that you could honestly consider dropping Pineda Paxton or Walker, a catcher as high-end as him is worth seeing through to the end. Cashner could end up being way too high when we look back at this list a couple weeks from now, but again, how do you cut a player of his caliber when you don't really know the extent of his injury? Motte cracks the list since Trevor Rosenthal's struggles could pave way for him to reclaim the closer role in St. Louis, and Ramirez gets a bump because of position scarcity.

Joey Votto isn't on the DL right now, but if he winds up there with what appears to be a not-so-serious quadriceps injury, he'll be second on the list.

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