The Jurickstore called...and they've got your team name

We asked our Fantasy Baseball Today podcast listeners to come up with Fantasy Baseball team names inspired by Seinfeld. We knew the show would provide a treasure trove of material, and our listeners have come strong with their submissions.

I've received many of these on Twitter, and I've winnowed down the best ones to a top 10. Here's how I rank 'em.

10. @pfistacuffs The Magic Luebke

9. @ervin800 Cespedes for the Rest of Us

8. @Jophacht LaRoche-lle LaRoche-lle

7. @El_Burro324 "There was Searage!!!"

6. @simmygoblue The Marble Ryus

5. @brosen24 @brentzap The Duffy Shirts

4. @imnotbobby The Plouffy Shirts

3. @gward1202 Indepedent George Springer

2. @Mattyshack Elaine! You gotta have a BABiP

1. @DeputyDavis The Matt Moops

I haven't been drafting Adam LaRoche, much less Cory Luebke, he of the two Tommy John surgeries, or the demoted Danny Duffy, but these names almost make me want to go out and get them.

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