This weekend's biggest storylines in tweet form

Still looking to update the rankings coming off a long weekend, so I won't have a chance to "review" them just yet. What I can do, though, is share with you some of the biggest concerns raised to me by the Twitterverse this afternoon. 

Not surpisingly, the players on everyone's minds are the same ones you can expect to see making a big move up or down my rankings. Funny how that works.

Rotisserie leagues are a different story. I could see Matt Adams having 20-plus home runs the rest of the way, which is more than I can say for his walks.

By now, I feel comfortable moving Nelson Cruz ahead of season-long underachievers like Wil Myers and Jason Heyward, but you can't deny the injury history. Only once in his career has he played even 130 games.

Springer's cold start reminded me just what kind of impact his high strikeout rate could have on his batting average, and I don't know why he hasn't been stealing bases. I'm not doubting the power, but I'd rather dump a potential headache off on someone else when the return is as high as it is now.

Cruz will be moving past Kemp as well.

Chris Tillman's last start clinched it for me, but the real story here is Justin Verlander. As if the rising walk rate and falling strikeout rate weren't enough, now he goes and gives up 11 hits in back-to-back starts. I really don't want to mislead someone into trading him for nickels on the dollar, but I think he's out of my top 25 at starting pitcher. Yup, I'd rather have Alex Cobb and Jered Weaver rest of season.

OK, so not the most topical player, but I have to admit I've never understood how Austin Jackson ends up being as productive as he is in Head-to-Head points leagues either. He strikes out a bunch, and he doesn't stand out in any one category. But at some point, you have to stop fighting it and accept him as the usable player he is.

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